Welcome to my office.

Here at the "Metropolis" page, I produce my more professional writing for theOtaku.com. While many of my more mainstream essays, reports and features (possibly fiction if I go insane enough) shall come out via the Official theOtaku.com World, all of my work on less-recognised, slightly stranger writing shall come out here.

Also, I'll use "Metropolis" to post any writing guides or other side-projects that perhaps don't need to come out directly on the official page. And of course, if anyone has any specific request for things to be covered I can work from there as well. We'll look into all of these as they come.

If you're looking for my less-professional, off-the-record blog, you want go to my "Smallville" world.

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Caption Battle Tips

Caption battles are fun, and I love working with them every week. That said, some weeks are very easy to judge and some are far harder - and personally, I like it when it's harder to judge. That means the week contains a lot of high quality, ver...

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