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I'm SomeGuy, 29 years old, residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I've studied English Literature, Chinese Martial Arts, and am currently pursuing careers in writing - possibly even in the anime industry itself.

And I work for this site.

And you should be watching Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad.
Or watching Ranma 1/2.
Or learning about the Shinsengumi.
Or planning to visit Vancouver, The Best Place On Earth (actual marketing motto).

Here at the "Smallville" page, I have my personal blog where I'll post about anything and everything. If ya need me or otherwise need to know anything from/about me, here's where I'll be.

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How How I Met Your Mother Met Me

Kids, sit down. I'm gonna tell you a story about how a show connected with me on a very personal basis. No, you're not in trouble and no, I'm not gonna be super cheesy as I write it. I haven't always told the whole story with certain things...

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Wow, it's been a while...


I'm alive still, I promise. Just busy with life and things like that. And Tumblr, because lazy and it's nice when the best internet comes to you instead of having to look for it.

The new year has been better than not to me. I've just gotten super lazy about lots of things, be it online stuff, cleaning, cooking, or cosplay making. I'm playing a dangerous game with that last one...

...that said, I will definitely still get a Sakura-Con meetup plan going soon enough. Because that would be a shame to lose out on.

Other than that, yes. I'm alive. So yeah. That happened.

The lazy way to do it!

Y'alls know the drill here:

Yes. I was that lazy about it this year. Can't help it. I'm old as balls and busy as fuck.

Or something.

Anyway, long day ahead, so let's see what develops!

So This Happened...

External Image

I mostly didn't make this, to be fair. I did help with building the other bits though; this is a 23-person project, so I'm really just a cog in the machine.


Con's also in like, two weeks. Shit.

Looking Forward . . .

Guys . . . why have I chosen this as a summer cosplay?

External Image

This is actually legitimately the most ridiculous looking character I have ever wanted to cosplay.

Everyone else in the game has a nice normal "on the ground" pose. But nooo, Joseph had to go off and be special.

Also, crazy eyes.

Goddamnit, Joseph . . .