lol and some cake

hello world,rose erin reporting for artists everywhere.
a declaration must be made

this is my avatar for this week every week ill be changing it.
now the reason i post this.
i want you to get me the cutest anime girl you can find on the internet.
kinda just send me the link in the comments box and ill look at it.the cutest each week shall get a request of whatever the hell they want,even if ive never drawn it before!!^-^

who ever else is left if the girl is too cute for me to turn down completely
ill use it the fallowing week and give you your request.
the request can be anithing!! wall paper fan art fan comic e-card or fan word
and if its too dirty{as in violent or nude} ill post it on deviant art instead in which case ill give you the link.

the ideal cute girl cannot be a chibi ,it can be your favorite cute girl and it can be any color scheme out there.{ie: so i dont care if it is like purple hazed over it or something}
it can be your oc if you wish it too be the file doesnt have to be 100x100
ill edit it myself so get any picture of a cute girl you want to.
oh no REAL people {because very simply ,their not me}

have fun with it