And it was all in one piece!

So yesterday I got my converter for my hard drive (I had to Get a new pc-But it was SATA only so I had to get my IDE a converter-and now its here)

So now I am using it as a slave-cause It blue screen of deaths me if I try to boot-wont get paste the login- Must messed it up when I unplugged it during the fire. (I ran in to get the kitten and Wanted to save my computer from being electro fucked- So I unplugged that whole wall-while it was playing music and running full force- so yeah- the files are all there though.

I can access everything from here and even edited some of the files.
Someday Ill get a 1 or 2 tb Sata and dump everything onto it. Might take a minute but I got a fresh XP disc and plenty of patience.

now just waiting to get my graphics tablet-Then Ill be all drawy.

deviant art post!!!stuffs 2

go here its my deviant art account newly made for all to enjoy

deviant art post!!!

i went and signed myself up for deviant art.this will be where i put much of my more gorey and nude pictures (dontworry you can see them)
but that will be a nother way for my art to spread hail rose!!!!!

the image is aki izyoi {i think thats her last name}
shes currently my favorite duelist of 5d's
{shes hot too}

i love vampires and zombies!!

hello more of my awquardness bundeled with undiing love for yuri,yaoi(even though im a lesbian its cute)and shoujo love!!!
i like writing love stories but eventualy i would like to draw horror-action.

thats where the awsome idea of vl.A.D. came up.its incomplete and im ganna post random art work of characters i consider in the manga,till then im toying with plots settings and character willing to take some requested ideas and will put you in the credits if i use your ideas.please help me thank you.