Received the game yesterday because it was preordered and I defeated Story Mode already, today. Short playing time if you're only playing Story Mode. It's 11 'tales' you can play through:

The Tale Of Young Naruto
The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden)
The Tale of Sasuke Uchiha (Shippuden)
The Tale of Zabuza and Haku
The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant
The Tale of Itachi Uchiha
The Tale of Kakashi Hatake
The Tale of Gaara
The Tale of Minato Namikaze
The Tale of Madara Uchiha (Tobi)
The Tale of Killer Bee (have to defeat Tobi's storyline to unlock)

Your choice with who to start with, I started with Young Naruto. The game play is easier yet harder at the same time. My problem with it is that you cannot Ninja Dash to your enemy, you literally just have to walk/run towards them in Story Mode although it's not much better in Free Fighting Mode. Now Substitution jutsu is a thousand times easier and sets up your battles to look awesome but it is so easy to get around people's Ultimate Jutsu which isn't welcomed if you're the one trying to use it. I also dislike the distance in this game, when you you Substitution jutsu, sometimes you appear close to them but other times you end up so far away from them and it hard to close the gap especially when fighting Deidara and Tobi. I don't know what they were thinking when they programmed that in. It sucks but the overall battle is pretty if you can pull off some wicked combos. Sasuke and Killer Bees are beasts in this game, their taijutsu are damn near impossible to block or substitute so be weary of that, they have some long, heavy hitting combos which get annoying real quick.

Another problem with this game is the repetition of some of the battles, for some reason they thought it was fun to have Sasuke and Itachi fight one another 5 times throughout the game, it gets boring but the other fights are pretty cool. You can play as and against Tobi when he had the handcuffs as weapons, Tobi is one hard motherfucker to beat but it is possible.

The anime scenes however are awesome although the dubbing is atrocious. Seriously the words do not match the mouth 80% of the time, given the time they had with this game, this is no excuse for that. I WANT TO BREAK VIC MIGNONA'S JAW SO HE CANNOT VOICE ACT FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS! Not only does he fail as Nagato but he also voices Obito which just does not fit. SOMEONE GET HIM THE FUCK OFF THIS SHOW! Tobi's voice has changed from Ulitmate Ninja 2, both as his childish personality and "Madara" personality. His new "Madara" voice makes him sound like he's 100, its deep but its also graveling, like the guy is chewing on rocks. Actually, he sounds a lot like Kakuzu which doesn't fit either. I prefer Nolan North as Tobi's "Madara's" personality, that guy had a cool voice. Also, only Gaara had good voice acting in this game which he is voiced by Liam O'Brien. A problem I have with the Shippuden cast is that all their characters still sound the same. This is a one in a million show where the characters grow and get older yet they still sound like they're 12, except for Gaara here. His voice is much deeper because Mr. O'Brien probably realized that his character is now 17 years old and and is a respectable leader and not a 12 year old psychopath anymore. I salute you Mr. O'Brien, I salute you.

For Free Fighting, there are several modes such as single or team battle, Survive, Tournement and the return of Training Mode which is awesome since the gameplay is slightly different. I haven't spent much time here except to test try Hashirama Senju because I'm a Madara Uchiha fan. Fuck you and your wood jutsu.

There are more collectibles here and you get to buy titles, yay. I defeated all 11 Storyline but that just doesn't get you half the collectibles. Not by a long shot which made me feel as if I played Story Mode for no freaking reason. Story Mode however is good for ryo. Anyone else notice that Zetsu is yet again forgotten in this game? Poor Zetsu.

All in all, it is a fun game to play and the anime scenes that haven't come out in English yet are very good so I give this game 4 stars. I spent $59 on this game, I'm keeping it for that reason alone. You can defeat this game in a day.

tell me your experience with the game and if you are stuck on a battle in story mode.


Just bought tickets to see them in New York? Anyone here going? Let's meet in person. So excited. my bank account not so much.

New Naruto Game

As a Christmas gift to myself, I just pre-ordered Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations from I should get it March 30th. Can't wait. AKATSUKI FOREVER. Oooo looks like I'll get the game on March 16th instead, yay.

MADARA LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KABUTO HAD RESSURECTED MADARA UCHIHA WHO NOW STANDS ON THE BATTLEFIELD WITH GAARA AND NARUTO. SO WHO IS THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK? I think its Izuna (Madara's younger brother) or still is Madara himself, using some freaky jutsu that only he can do. Still, Madara said something about Nagato, know how would a dead, EDO TENSEI Madara even know him, hmmmm? Seems like Tobi hasn't been at home asleep waiting for them to bring the fight to him like I thought since he's on the move with his Six Paths of Pain.

is it odd that even "dead" I still think Madara is hot?

Edo Tensei Madara: (looks down) Who are you people? Where's Hashirama?
Edo Tensei Shinobi: Uh.....yeah like 80-something years have passed and Hashirama Senju died a long time ago.
Edo Tensei Madara: Oh. I can become Hokage now! Someone fetch me an Uchiha clan member.
Naruto: There's Sasuke, there's an Edo Tensei Itachi and some dude masquerading as you who has Sharingan.
Edo Tensei Madara: And what of Danzo Shimura?
Naruto: Yeah your descendant Sasuke killed him.
Edo Tensei Madara: Oh. Good for him. You - other Edo Tensei ninja, bring me to Izuna, it seems our plan has worked yet I diagreed to using this jutsu. It's an abomination.
Naruto: That was Kabuto's doing.
Edo Tensei Madara: Who?
Naruto: Ahhhhhhh.....keep still so I can kick your ass.

(Naruto tries to attack Madara who dodges)

Edo Tensei Madara: Oh my god, Kyuubi!(grabs Naruto and pets his head) Did you miss me? Aww people have been mistreating my pet.
Kyuubi: Hello Madara and no I did not miss you.
Edo Tensei Madara: I'm taking you out of there.

You know what's weird? Is that this Edo Tensei Madara has normal Sharingan, didn't Madara create the Eternal Mangekyo? Why is he barely drawn with it? The same with Tobi, if Tobi is truly Madara if he succeeded in separating his soul from his body somehow, his body died and was able to be called back with Edo Tensei with a fraction 5% of his soul. Making both Tobi and ET really him, yet now it seems that someone else has really been dragging his good name through the mud. Then again.....Itachi believed that this was the real Madara. Kabuto and Zetsu obviously doesn't. Zetsu still calls him Tobi. Yet Tobi wanted a ressurection jutsu that the Rinnegan possessed when Nagato had it. Maybe he used that jutsu on his dead body and managed to bring himself back somehow. Especially since Edo Tensei Madara seems to know Nagato, called him a brat. That's mean, yet he seems to be against the use of Edo Tensei - Impure World Ressurection Jutsu.

If this Edo Tensei Madara is the real Madara, how does he know of Nagato? Hmmm hint hint hint hint, I think that's a big hint. What if ET Madara and Tobi are both Madara somehow. Or the only outcome I want to accept is that Tobi is Izuna and that the two of them had this planned a long time ago. Or maybe he isn't really Edo Tensei, maybe this is the use of another jutsu.

The plot thickens.

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Inspired by the Uchiha Clan

"Sasuke's Song"

Once upon a clear and pale moon
I lived a happy quiet life among the leaves but I had no idea, the shadows they cast would silently swallow me up one day

So I lived and learned to love
So I lived and learned to hate
So I lived having pride ~ became an inferior egomaniac

to my surroundings I was only one, to me - vengeance have replaced everything
My friends and the beautiful love that could be
I burn my bridges proudly
I am the KING of my own life and of my own death
I have fangs that bite and mine are so much deadlier than the likes of you and your views or ways
I am one again with what I lost and I push pain to the brink of its own demise
The shadows of the leaves that I never noticed before have shaped me into who I am

So I live for power
So I live for my undeniable truth
So I live to prove my ways are far better than you

You already know, I am far more than willing to burn this whole world to the ground
Just to allow everyone to have a little taste that is my pain
And I call it purification of the Uchiha Clan

words by Kyoshiro Elric

*the words are meant to represent different phases of Sasuke's life*


You thought you were so right but I knew you were so wrong
You thought you had eternal insight and called all of your petty views 'reality' and once upon a clear and pale moon, I once believed in you (Sasuke)

now we're all dancing with the devil who continously fuel the flames of a seemingly justified hatred I can only wish that people stop the destruction, the manifestation of what their actions have wrought and see the blood and enemy for what and who they are


I take my life to set you free but betrayal is ingrained so deeply that even my most warmhearted feelings seem feeble and futile in comparison, it pains me to the brink of my death, what we have become (Itachi)

I hate myself more than you and I love you above everyone else but you called me a traitor when I'm the only real loyal one here and all that I have sacrificed has gone in vain

Now......I just don't need it anymore, forgiveness, shame or honor I am just myself

I will not accept defeat until I am sure of victory or at least we will leave carnage in our wake young one, believe me this is how legends are made, this is how we shall live and this is how we extract our revenge (Madara)

vengeance for the Uchiha Clan


words by Kyoshiro Elric

*this one doesn't have a title but more interestingly, I tried to write it in Sasuke, Itachi and Madara's POV.
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