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Resident Evil Degeneration

XD The latest movie of Resident evil...its so cool X3


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Difference Between SH And RE

Silent Hill Yes Is Still A Horror Game But Not Actually Zombies And More Of A Switching Reality Game>>>>.Hints On Playing It For NewComers>>>>.Hear A Fog Horn Like Hi Love And Beat The Living (Or Non-Living) Sh*t Out Of him>>>>>>Ha-ha >>>>>>>When Resident Evil Is Basically Zombie Based, With A Twist Of Real Evil Scientist Turned Monster (Ha-ha William)>>>>>Betraying Leader (Wesker)>>>>>And Giant Cute Monster That Mean No Arm (Nemesis Is So Cute Ha-Ha)>>>>>>>>>Try To The Zombies In The Legs Or Head They'll Die Easier>>>>Oh And For The Monsters In Silent Hill Good Luck It's Harder Than Anything If You Don't No How To Play>>>So Be Nice To James ^_^ And Heather -.- And Actually Look at F***Ing Cheats It'll Help You So Much HAHAHA>>>>>>>>And The Movies Grasp Some Of The Plot But Not All Of IT>>>>>Like Right Now I'm Watching Silent Hill>>>>>Last Time I Checked There's No Rose In The Game-.->>>>>>>>>>>The Only Resident Evil Movie To Ever Grasp The Plot Is Degeneration(Look A Post Above)>>>>>>>>>>>>>Resident Evil Characters I Can Name (-.-Most Of Them)><>>>><<<Chris Redfield, Luis ?, Ashley Graham, Claire Redfield, Albert Wesker, William Birkin, Annette Birkin, Sherry Birkin, Alfred Ashford, Alexia Ashford, Jill Valentine, Barry?, Brad Vickers, Ark Thompson, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wang, Nemesis, Etc......I Type To Much.....>.<


I Guess This Is The First Post>>>>I'm On My School LapTop So I Can't Upload Any You-Tube Videos Until Later>>>>>>SO OKAYIEZ>>>>The Image Is By Shadow Leggy Not By Me>>>>>Double Leggy On Deviant Art And Shadow Leggy On YouTube>>>>Or On Her WebSite