No games

I heard Sheek's voice and pointed towards where the voice came from, whic was coming frm the hallway infront of Nyarth, Nina, and I. We finally arrivd to our destination and I listened closely o the door. I heard hard breathing and a little bit of sobbing. I nodded toawards the two, signaling them that Sheek was in there. Without hesitation, I placed my hand on the door knob and slowly opened the door. My eyes caught the girl laying down on the ground. I alked over to her and kneeled down. I gently touched her head. Nyarth and Nina were right behind me. Sheek behing to sit up. There was a platic wrap over her face.

"Please, don't want to play the game anymore" she said towards my face. My eyes widen. At the side of her head, blood dripped down. I plled the ribbon out my hair and wiped her face.

"I do not wish to play any games with you." I told her while un-wrapping her face. Once her face was visible, she opened her eyes. I smiled and said, "I simply wish to rescue you from this horrid place."

♥ Estelle.

Sorry it's kinda short. I'm kinda busy with things. ^^'