Future Sight

After meeting the little Meowth Boy, we went our separate ways. I sat on the grass reading, yet again, but this time I was reading a book based on the existince on the legendary pokemon. I happened to find the work Gijinka in here and I was quite fasinated in what I found. Then suddenly, I felt a faint eletric shock flow through me. I plopped my head up and my ears plopped up as well.

"How strange..." I said to myself. The electric shock feel different from a pokemon's normal electric shock, meaning it had to be part human or something of the sort. A gijinka perhaps? I stood up and walked over to the gang. I scanned the group for any missing team members. Quite a few was missing. I sctrached my ears and thought about any electric types who have gone missing. Then it hit me. I sighed and said the name, "Sheek".

"I knew that girl was going to be quite a handful." I sighed. But there was no time to complain. I grabbed a few berries, because I was kinda hungry, tightened my bow a little, and stood quietly. I consintrated on Sheek so I could use my attack by a simple image in my mind. "Future Slight." I whispered, and on those words my eyes glowed purple. A vision appeared in my head of Sheek laying on the floor, exhausted I believe, in a room with technology. I concluded that she was captured. I looked at the where-abouts to memorize where I was going. Then my future sight gave my directions from here to where she was captured. My eyes went to normal and I headed out the area. I heard a voice at the back of my head.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going??" it said. It was Lupe. What a curious girl I had for a friend.

"Oh I'm just going out to get something." I smiled back at her. Lupe knew what I saw up to but insisted to saty for some reason. I nodded and dashed my way out of the territory on all fours.

Someone continue??
♥ Estelle