How about being a Team?

A Mismagius Gijinka came out of the bushes and attack the big group of highly confused pokemon gijinka, including me. My hair blew as I held my dress down from the gust of wind from the attack. I would of put up a force field but that would be useless if I just reasoned with the angry gijinka girl. I nodded towards Lupe to signal her to talk it over with the Mismagius. She got my signal and tried to speak with reason.

"But we were trying to hide from the-" Lupe tried to say but was rudely interrupted by the loud mouthed Mismagius.

"NO buts. I was here first and I'm not getting some poke people strangers my hospitality unless I can trust you! So who wants to fight me, Maggie?!" And on that note, she threw her hand in the air, ready for battle. My hypothesis would be that her name was "Maggie" because it was used at the end of her sentence. Lupe, unfortunaly, also had a short temper and I saw the anger creeping outside her. She made an angry face and walked towards Maggie.

"Now listen here you little-" Lupe mumbled to herself. I guess she knew it was a bad idea to start a fight with her.

The Vulix gijinka named Vixy stepped forward and accepted Maggie's challenge.

"I'll fight you. It would be fun to fight against another gijinka and you shouldn't just go attacking people without asking why they're there" she said walking toward her with a confident tone. Maggie's smirk gotten wider. Then the gijinka named Sheek joined the fight. I raised an eyebrow. Are they serious?

"Okay. You're BOTH asked for it", She yelled while preparing to attack. I then sighed and held out my hand. As the three dashed towards each other, I let out a lavender force field, bouncing them both back to the ground. The three rubbed there butts, elbows and arms or whatever they landed on. I stepped foward elegantly, with my arms folded. Such a bold move for myself. I didn't normally come out the closet, I would usually stick to either Faye or Lupe or hold their hand or hide behind them with a sense of unsecruity but this was a serious time.

"What do you all think you're doing" I started with a question. I looked around and saw faces of confusion, anger, and faces that didn't seem to care if I was talking to them. I continued. "Why do you choose to fight when you're not fighting the enemy? I believe we are all being chased by money-thirsty pokemon-chasing humans. Aren't they the enemy? I really do believe this fighting thing is pointless. To be presise, it has no meaning at all. Just because Maggie wants her land and Vixy and Sheek want fun does NOT make anything better. Such selfishness, you all have." I turned towards Maggie and pointed to her.

"Especially YOU!" I yelled. She growled at me but I could care less at the moment. "The bounty hunters already discovered this 'secret hideout'. What sense would it make if we all left you here just for them to come back and bring you to your demise?" I asked.

"Ha! I'll like to see them try! I'll tear them apart." Maggie laughed confidently. Lupe laughed in the background. I also heard few other giggles.

"I don't blame Lupe and the others for laughing at you ridiculous remark. Do you really think you're strong enough to handly all of them? With the strength of your Shadow ball and your size, I calculated that you don't have a chance. Your strong but not nearly strong enough. None of us are. That is why... that is why we must work together! How about you SHARE this home of yours, Maggie. It'll be the smart thing to do." I added. I then turned to the others. "We'll fix up this place, add more room, add decent decorations, and be a team" I spoke out to them. Heads turned, looking at each other. Lupe nodded and smiled. Faye nodded gently.

"Oh! And by the way, my name is Estelle. It's a pleasure to meet all of you." I smiled.

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♥ Estelle the Espeon

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