“Estelle darling, finish you’re berries.” A female voice spoke in the pure darkness. I couldn’t see anything around me. Everything was dark; just pure black. How I hated the darkness…

“Who goes there?” I asked inquisitively. No response. I heard another voice.

“Estelle listen to you’re mother” said another voice, much deeper though.

“Okay Father!” said another voice quite familiar. It sounded like a cute little girl… Wait. That was my voice! I know it! Are these visions? Did my wish come true from the moment I fell asleep? No. Otherwise I could actually see what was going on with the voices.

“Ah Estelle, what are we going to do with you?” said the feminine older voice. The sense of how it was said made me think she was smiling. A joke was made with that statement.

“Get me a dolly!” I yelled out in my younger tone. I covered my mouth. That was quite strange because I was the one who yelled it out, not the younger me in my vision.

“Maybe we should” laughed the deeper tone of voice, responding to my outburst. Is that my father? … Yes it is. Father… then the other must be…

“Yay! Oka-san! I’m getting a dolly from Oto-san!” I yelled in an outburst once again. That pretty much explained my thought. I was speaking to my mother and father in this vision. No, not a vision… I guess you could call it a hearing.

“Hey. What is happening here?! Father?! Mother?!” I yelled out in regular tone. No response once again. Suddenly the darkness switched to a shade of light blue. They were a figure out in the distance. I ran towards the blurry figure because it seemed to be a person. As a got closer, the figure became clearer. It was a small little boy with blue hair. He was sad… Wait… What’s that growing out of his head…? Fuzzy ears?? Wait, is that Lux? A kid Lux? It is!

“Lux?!” I yelled out to him, still running. The little guy slowly raised his head and looked dead at me, then turned his head to the side.

“What do you want old lady?” He said. I stopped and looked dumbfounded.

“Old… LADY?!” I yelled. How dare he! I’m only 16! Kid Lux then began to back up, and then he ran away.

“Matte! … Lux!” I screamed out to him. It didn’t work. It felt like the whole world was spinning once he left from my sight. I dropped to the ground and closed my eyes…

- Dream Over –

I woke up, my eyes looking at the corner of my room.

“Ah… so it was a dream… But still, I’m positive it was a vision from… my past. No, a hearing. That is what I shall call it.” I smiled. I was really happy that I remember my past; well a part of it at least.

“Though…” I began to say. “Why did I see Lux as a child in my dream? What does that mean exactly? … Hmm. Oh well. I guess it was just a random thought.” I said smiling while positioning myself facing the opposite direction while closing my eyes. I opened and caught Lux in my sight. Wait Lux?! Oh My GOD!

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” I screamed, hopping out the bed, I then tripped and fell face first on the ground. Quickly, I sat up, holding my chest, feeling my heart beat. Fast, of course. I blushed seeing how Lux had no shirt on and at the fact he was in MY bed. I then jumped onto the bed and kneed next to him.

“L-Lux! What are you doing in MY room in MY b-bed?!” I yelled at him. No response. I was getting sick and tired of the no response thing.

“L-Lux!” I shouted. He just laid there snoozing quietly. I suddenly calmed down from seeing how graceful he looked sleeping. I felt my face getting red.

“He looks so peaceful when he’s sleeping…” I whispered. I was caught by surprise when he put his arm around me and pulled me down. I was now flushed, since my face was directly in front of his. I felt his warm breath against my rosy pink cheeks. My lips quivered and my heart beat raced. His lips looked so soft… So delightful to…
“Hamburger…” Lux whispered. What?! First an old had now a hamburger! No freaking way! I pushed Lux out the bed, causing to drop to the floor with a thud. Of course he woke up from that.

“Ouch!” he said out of pain.

“Get out my room you perv!” I ordered him. He sat up and looked around as if he didn’t know where he was. Then he looked at me.

“Huh? How did I get it here? That’s str- Ahh! Estelle. You’re such a naughty girl. Why did you bring me in here? Oh ho ho!” he smiled like an old nasty pervert looking for a young girl to mess with. I knocked him on the back of the head with a punishment fan.

“As if!!” I yelled. I covered my mouth. There goes my elegant lady character and came El. Lux stood up and stretched and yawned.

“Well, my my my. Miss Lady is going all street” he laughed. I blushed even more out of embarrassment. I stormed over to the door and opened it.

“W-Whateva! Just get in your own room and torment some else’s life!!” I yelled and slammed the door behind me. Great. I told him to get out of my room but locked him in there. What’s up with me?

I made my way to bathroom, brushed my teeth, combed out my bed-head, and went downstairs to find something to eat.

“I wonder whose up” I asked myself.


♥ Estelle

It looked like Lux made his up the bed! XD