It was getting late so I decided to call off the meeting.

"Okay. Thank you everyone for sharing. It is time to bring this whole meeting to a close. Please make you're selves at home. Hehe." I said. Everyone chattered and some went their own ways. I decided to go back to the room and make Lupe a birthday gift. I made her a new cousey and soft one-piece body suit that might fit her body structure. I placed the piece of clothing in a colored paper bag. Hey... Where was Lupe anyway? I was already worried about Faye and Lux, I couldn't be more worried enough! Wait... did I say just say I worried about Lux? I blushed as I thought about him, then shook my head out of it.

"Come on Estelle! Get you head out of the clouds!" I said as I mushed my face into my pillow.

I got out my room and walked down the hallway. I then saw Kat and Reo-kun walking down the hall together. I quickly hid so they couldn't see me. What's Kat doing with Reo-kun? Oh maybe their just getting to know each other. Yeah that's it... heh. I didn't know why I was so nervous..

I backed up some more and accidently bumped into a vase. It knocked down and broke into bits and pieces with a big CRASH!

"Oops..." I whispered. I caught the two's attention. I blushed out of the embarressment and from seeing Reo-kun..

"Estelle?" he question. Kat looked at me.

"Heh Heh... Hey you guys... uh... ano... ummm..." I couldn't find myself to talk.

♥ Estelle


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