My Turn Now

I smiled as Lupe walked off. That took a lot of her to do what she did, and for that I am glad. She faced her fears, but unfortunately, as always, when talking about that topic, she seems to get sensitive. I shall give her a hot cocoa later for that.

After Hon went I only thought it was fair that I told my side of thing; my story in fact.

"Well, I believe it's my turn." I spoke into the mic. Mr. Kyuu smiled and nodded at me and the whole main room became quite.

"Well... Hmm... Where do I begin?" I giggled. I then cleared my throat and spoke the truth of my 'past'.

"Well you see, like Lupe, I don't remember anything of my past. Not one bit. The only past I had is with my sisters Faye and Lupe. I had nothing before them. All I remember is that I lived in a cave, while I was an Eevee. I would always cry. The cave was dark and quite scary to me. On thunder storm night, I would cry myself to sleep. I would often run away from vicious humans called bounty hunters who would only hurt me. In that very cave, which I called my home, I had books, magazines, and sowing utensils that I have stolen from the main town. Books and designing was what kept me busy.

"I was reading a novel one day which stated "Being alone isn't so bad at times" which made me open my eyes and realize that crying wasn't going to make me any better. I then stole more books. I read all kinds of books. The comedy novels always made me laugh and giggle. I then grew an interest in romance novels after reading the play "Romeo and Juliet". You might have heard of that play before.

"Though I was a Gijinka, I envied humans and their 'schools'. I always wanted to be among students and learn more than I already knew. I always liked to challenge my thinking. I also envied their uniforms and I actually made a uniform for myself with the sowing utensils I had just to play 'school' by myself. It was quite enjoyable, until I craved to have friends.

"Then I found Lupe while she was a Bunaery. I'm guessing she just escaped from Bounty Hunters. I smiled and greeted her with a 'Hey are you alright?' then welcomed her into my home. I gave her the only thing I had from my past, my moon necklace, because it seemed like she needed it more than I. Then came along Faye. Then we became the best of friend, later on sisters. We would play together everyday, in the morning through noon. Being happy as I was, I evolved into an Espeon Gijinka. We became travelers who would run from the Bounty Hunters and have fun. On the way, we met Mr. Kyuu who became our doctor. I never felt sorry for myself ever again because hey, what was there to be sorry for? I had a family. I... I felt warm inside. I always smiled from then on. Just for them." I placed my hand on my chest and smiled.

"Then recently I found out that I had a blood related younger brother which made me really happy. So very happy. But I'm not going tell whom! That's a secret, ne? That is all." I ended the speech with a wink. Mr. Kyuu went up to the mic.

"Hi. I'm Nason Kyuu but please call me Mr. Kyuu or Dr. Kyuu. I am 28 years of age and I'll be you're doctor from now on. I don't have much of a past, but here we go. I was once married but I haven't heard from my wife in 7 years, so I'm guess we got a divorce." The club giggled at that comment. Mr. Kyuu continued.

"Haha yes quite funny. I recently found out that she's been in hiding and I couldn't put her in the risk of being found for whatever she was doing so I left her alone. Quite sad to leave the person you love but it was for the best. To protect her... Anyways! I am a cheery person and I love to tell jokes now and then. My office slash room is on the far end of the males' wing next to the game room. Please stop by and say hi to ol' Mr. Kyuu. Thank you again for listening!" he grinned then walked off to his seat. I then wondered if everyone went. Faye would have loved to see Mr. Kyuu going up and share. I then began to worry...

♥ Estelle

Welp that’s Estelle's story! ^^