The Cows Jump At Midnight... (^^'' heh hehh)

I decided to examine the whole mansion while I was walking around, starting with the Male's Wing. I know I wasn't aloud over there but hey, who was going to tell? I walked over the right side of the building and saw someone walking towards me. Of course it was a male but whom? His scent was very familiar... Wait. Black hair? Yellow Circle Tattoos? Red eyes? ... Reo-kun? It was him! He stopped walking after realizing who I was.

"Reo?" I asked. His instantly became red. What's wrong with him? Did he have a fever?

"Oi! Sorry!" He blurted out. Now I was really confused. Why was he apologizing suddenly?

"Are you alright?" she asked again.

"I'm fine, Hehe. Just sorta... surprised" He told me. He then pointed towards my outfit and hair. "It looks good on you"

My heart beated hard. Was he... Complimenting me? How come when Eva complimented me, my heart didn't react this way? My face slightly turned a bright pinkish color. I was Blushing. Now I'm blushing? What's going on? I'm feeling that feeling again... but this time with Reo-kun... Doushite? I haven't seen Reo-kun since... Before the contest and now this? Oh god what's going on!

"T-Thank you..." I stuttered then looked down, hiding my face. It was too late. He saw it.

"Are you alright? Do you have a fever or something?" he asked me concern. It seems as if the table have turned, now I'M the one looking like their sick. I blushed even harder. Now he's caring about me! I didn't understand why I was blushing so much. It's just Reo-kun... Hey why do I even add -kun to his name if I don't even know him that well? So confusing..

"N-No. I'm fine. R-Really." I told him. He tilted his head to the side like a kawaii puppy. Too cute. I then counted to ten and relaxed. I stopped blushing and smiled at him.

"Hey, you know." I started. " Most people here don’t know you well Reo-kun, and you've been here the whole time. Maybe you should greet some of the new members here, you know. Ano... Now I think about it, no one really knows anyone.."

"I-Is that so.." he placed his finger on his mouth and tilted his head to the other side.

"Yes, it is very much so. Maybe I should call a club meeting so everyone could tell their story, no matter if they like it or not, ne?" I said. Reo-kun smiled and nodded.

"Ikimashou! (Let’s Go!)" I said grabbing Reo-kun's hand and running towards the main room. Once I got there, I rang the 'Meeting Bell'. It was loud enough to wake ANYONE out of a nap or some sort. Then I pick up the Loud speaker talking device and spoke into it.

"Everyone to the Main Room for a Club meeting. Repeat- Everyone To the main Room! ASAP." I said into it. I caught Reo-kun looking at me so I smiled towards him. In no time everyone was in the Main Room. Of course Lupe had to be the one who makes an entrance.

"Ahh. Estelleeeee! Why did you have to wake me from my nap?? I was having a pretty nice dream, ya know. Maaaannn. Damn it. *yawns loudly*" Lupe complained. I gave her such a dirty looked rolled my eyes.

"Hey, What is this for Estelle?" Kat asked.

"Yeah!" Vixy blurted out.

"Akira wants to know too!" Akira exclaimed. Pretty soon the main room was filled with chatter. Mr. Kyuu came up to the stand and spoke into the mic.

"Now everyone, please calm down, I'm sure little Miss Estelle have a reason for this. Please be patient" He smiled. Everyone quite down. Mr. Kyuu was so 'cool' through my eyes. He then smiled at me and stood down. I am guessing that he's staying here in the mansion with us since he was still here. Lupe stood by me.

"Hey... People are missing..." She whispered into my ear. I looked around and noticed that she was right.

"Faye... and... Lux.. correct?" I asked.

"Bingo." she told me. I began to worry. Where could have they gone? Lux and Faye.. gone... together? Some dirty thoughts came to my mind of Lux... well you didn't have to know. My face turned red and I balled up my fist.

"NOOO FREAAKINNG WAAAAYYY!" I screamed out loud. I then covered my mouth with both hands. Everyone one had either a "WTF??" face on or a "Huh?" face on. The embarrassment was killing me. Reo-kun then whispered into me ear.

"Are you sure you're not sick?" he asked in a worried tone. I thought about the two being missing once more and I calmed down. I'm sure wherever they are, they're both safe. I then cleared my throat and spoke into the mic.

"Ano. Please excuse me. Well I gathered us here today because I wanted us all to get to know each other more. I realized that this club knows nothing of each other and we need to start sooner or later so why not now. Everyone will get a turn, whether you like it or NOT!" I told them.

"Who would like to start?"

♥ Estelle

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