In the New Mansion

The mansion was beautiful of course. I found a room which had many tailoring utensils and such, and a bed with matching furniture along with a big mirror. The room was lavender and white. Just for me. I dropped onto the bed and snuggled my face into the soft fuzzy pillows.

"Home, sweet NEW home" I sighed in relief. Then I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked retched! My dress was torn up, I had a wound on my stomach that looked like it was going to be a scar from now on, and I was dirty. I sighed and looked over to the bag full of material in the corner. I walked over towards the huge bag and took out the fuzzy purple material. I worked my way to the sewing machine next and worked my magic. The material was soon enough a fuzzy purple robe with my name on it. I also placed hearts on the robe just to be a tad bit more creative.

"This should do." I said to myself. I then headed out the door to find the nearest bathroom to wash up.

After walking around for a bit, I finally found a bathroom. I walked inside. It was simply amazing. The place had marble flooring, a marble bathtub and marble sink counter tops, huge extra clean mirrors, a big enough bathtub that could fit about 5 people, bubble bath liquid on the side, a shiny clean toilet, and everything else that would amaze you! Just... simply amazing I tell you! I smiled and shut the door behind me. I then stripped and threw my clothes away in the near bye trash bin. Next I turned on the shower on hot, grabbed a bar off soap in the counter draw, headed into the shower, and started to wash off.

I noticed a bottle of shampoo next me in scripted "Ichigo La A Mode " with a matching conditioner. I remember that Lupe always used this shampoo. It straightens out hair very well. My hair was always wavy in a way and it gets hard to handle sometimes. It was always hard to comb as well. I smirked and took the bottle, squirted some of the 'poo in my hand, and started scrubbing it into my hair. After 10 minutes I put the conditioner in. After 15 minutes more I washed out the conditioner and dried my body off with a towel. I placed some near by slippers on my feet and put on my robe.

Looking into the mirror in front of me, I took the comb on the counter and started combing out my hair.

"Straight as an arrow" I smiled. My hair was actually longer when straightened out. I cleaned the mess I made in the bathroom and headed out. While walking the halls, I overheard a nearby convo between Hoom and Lux. I hid on the side of the door and peeked inside to see the two. I didn't mean to "eavesdrop" or whatever they call it, but for some reason I wanted to hear their conversation.

"I do need to leave and besides you have Hon to be there for you. For your safety because I care too much about you Hoom." I heard Lux say. My heart pounded. My face became slightly red. I do hope that I'm listening to something I shouldn't...., I thought to myself, placing a hand on my chest. I glared at the floor for a minute. What was this feeling I was... feeling?

"I'm sorry Hoom I need to go." Lux added. I quickly snapped out of it. Lux was leaving? And where the hell does he think HE'S going?? Unbelievable! We fought for him and now he's leaving?! I don't THINK SO! I walked into the room and stood next to Hoom. I knew what his problem was from the moment I met him.

"Where do you plan on going?" I asked him with my arms folder. He had no answer for me.

"Lux, I asked you a question?" I asked him with a direct tone.

"I'm not interested in your question." He replied and started to walk away from me. Some nerve! I sighed and quickly calmed down.

"Let me guess you live off the land and find shelter where ever you can, am I right?" I asked with a softer tone. That much got his attention, so he stopped walking away. I continued. "You're homeless aren't you?" He didn't reply.

"What so you think we are just gonna let you leave with no clothes on your back?" I asked him. I was quite interested in what he had to say to all of the questions I asked him.

"I don't want to be a burden to you all." He finally replied. I sighed again and smiled.

"Lux you aren't a burden. We care way too much about you. Besides you are hurt and we aren't gonna let you leave until you healed." I reinsured him. That didn't seem to convince him much. I smirked evilly, ran towards him, jumped in the air and on fell on him, sitting on his back.

"YOU ARE STAYING!" I happily said. He fell face forward. Hoom laughed. Then I noticed Lux's face in pain. Oh Damn! I forgot he's still injured!

"Oops! Sorry!" I giggled and got off of him.

"Fine!" he choked. "I'm staying!" Tears of pain ran down his face and I smiled. I was quite satisfied that he was staying. No. I was Happy. I clapped both of my hands together and said, "Alright I win! Oh and take a bath Lux, you smell!" holding my nose at that last statement.

"Oh thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to hear" he said sarcastically. I placed my foot on his head, mushing his face into the carpet.

"Don't give ME sarcasm, Mr.!" I smirked evilly. Hoom laughed even harder and I laughed with her. After some time, I realized that I gave Lux enough punishment and took my foot off of him. I walked towards the door and then stopped, turning towards them.

"Oh and hurry and pick you're rooms before they run out, ne?" I winked. On that note, I walked out the room, feeling that feeling I had before. I placed my hand on my chest again and sighed.

"What's going on with me? ...." I questioned myself. I went into my room and noticed that I had no clothes.

"I guess I have to make another dress" I said. I walked over to the bag of materials, and then I noticed a stack of magazines.

"Huh? ... PTTS? ... Poke Trainer Teen Scene? “I questioned again reading the title. I picked up the one on the top, which seemed to be the latest issue then sat on my bed, opening up to a random page.

"What's IN and OUT with the Style...?” I read.

"Okay gals. Here's what in and out with fashion these days! Long hair... So OUT! Not for brunettes though! If you have some kind of wacky color like silver or purple for you're hair color and plus you hair is super long, then you're waaaay out of style! And you're wondering why you can't get a boyfriend, well that why weirdo!I stroked my hair with an uneasy look..

Short is waaaay in! People the wacky hair colors, short hair looks are for you! No other exceptions!

I thought about for a while... Nina and dear brother Nyarth seemed to be a nice couple and Nina had short hair.. Then comes Melody and Hon.. Or Andreas.. Whatever. The Point was that Melody's hair wasn't short but it was long either. Then.. Comes.... Hon.. Hon and Lux. Was the magazine was correct? I wasn't so lucky with men because I'm 'out of style?' I never thought the day would come that I was out of style. I keep reading.

"Guys these days also go for those hot-tempered, cute and 'out there' chicks. Chicks that aren't afraid to speak their mind, ya know! Admirable, Beautiful, and Confident! The 'ABCs' to a great girl! And girls, don't be afraid to change up you're outfit a bit! If you're not confident, show a lil' more skin! That should knock you're confidence into the sky!"

"I did have a problem with being "out there" before and confidence is pretty hard for me to have sometimes. Hey.. I'm pretty admirable.. aren't I?" I asked myself. I placed down the magazine and looked into the mirror. My hair flowed to my lower back. I started to see what the person in the magazine was talking about. My look.. needs more confidence. More... pa-zazz! I took the scissors of my dresser and sat in front of my mirror. Then opened the scissors and place my hair in between them. I wonder what I would look like with short hair... I thought. I hesitated to close the scissors. Just when I was about to snip my hair..

"Hey, Estelle! Why are you locked away in your room like this? I just realized your 16 now... your birthday passed. You forgot again didn't cha... Hey what are you doing", Lupe barged into my room. I gave her a dirty look.

"Lupe, you don't know how to knock anymore", I said. "OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT!"

I shoved her out and slammed the door. I thought about what she said about me being 16. I guess I forgot again this year too. At least I have an excuse for what I was doing.Now, back to what I was doing before...

This time, without and hesitations, I cut my hair. It was quite sad however it was fun also. Afterwards, I smiled looking at myself. I gave myself a kind of bob looking hair cut.

"I look... good." I said to myself, trying to be confident. "No. I look great!" I smiled. I quickly got up and designed my new outfit. Then I got the bag of materials and sew my whole outfit: A orchid mini tang top with sowed in black ruffles with a matching mini skirt, a black belt with a red buckle with a matching necklace with a orchid ribbon tie onto it, a maid looking thy- bracelet made of cloth, lavender arm warmers and leg warmers, and black flats. I put on my new outfit and smiled.

"This is...Good.. No Great! Sugoi!" I cheered, clapping. The shirt made my stomach show, which made my scar show but I didn't seem to care. A knock at my door caught my attention.

"Coming!" I yelled out. I opened the door and it was Eva and her little human friend, Daniel I believe it was.

"... Wow Estelle? You look so pretty!" she complimented.

"Haha Thanks. Just trying to be more like El." I said with a hand behind my head slightly blushing. What I said seemed to confused them.

"Heh.. Never mind. What do you two need from me? I'm guessing he can stay, co- I mean right?" I questioned. Eva happily nodded.

"Yeah! Lupe said he could! And he needs clothes so..." Eva said.

"Oh I see. Well step into my office and I'll see what I can do" I smiled inviting them in.

~ 20 minutes later...

I designed a white collared button up shirt plaided with dark blue, light brown pants with a black belt, and black shoes. He had a rubber band around his hand which matched his pants color. I also gave him a dark blue pouch so when ever he and Eva go berry hunting they could put them in the pouch.

"Thank you! I love it!" Daniel cheered. Eva smiled and told Daniel he looked good. They both ran out my room and I followed.

"I wonder what the others are doing." I questioned as I walked the halls.


♥ Estelle


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