Eva sent the Energy Beam towards Lux who was busy messing around with Kat. Lux noticed the beam, punched Kat in the stomach sending her flying into a tree (she got off easy -_-), and tried to dodge the attack. Luckily, he was hit on the side of his arm, but only a little. He landed, holding his arm then growled at Eva who fainted after the attack in a human boy's arms. Vixy was coming towards him with an evil aura around here. Surely she was going to get destroyed, like the others. Anger wasn’t going to get us no where here.

The Discharge Attack Lux did on me wasn't really that effective. I feel a bit refreshed actually. I healed a little. I don't know why though. This strange behavior with my attacks and body was giving me quite a scare but I had no time to worry about myself. Even though I was a bit healed, I was still weak. I thought about what strategies we did so far. Eureka! I hacked into everyone's thoughts, which were fighting except for Lux's, to send them a private message using psychic.

"Everyone please listen. This is Estelle. Lux seems to be weakening, however not that much. But that last beam from Eva seemed to a bit more damage than what we gave him separately. Meaning Team work is our key to our success here. Just because it didn't work out a first time does not mean we can not try it again. Our anger is getting no where. Our hate towards him makes him stronger. Even though he is totally out of it right now, does not mean we can't through him. The Lux WE KNOW is still in there. We need an all-together strategy and I came up with one! Please let me handle this situation, and then when the time comes I'll let you all know when to attack all together. Please be ready at all times. Cover me. I'm going in." I reinsured them. Lupe looked at me weakly and nodded. I looked over to the Flygon Gijinka, terrified as she was, she understood. Everyone stood their ground. I sprinted towards Lux.

"LUUXXX!!" I screamed running towards him with a fist ready to sucka-punch. He gave me a sly smirk.

"Oh Kitty! You're not dead yet? Damn you're such a pain." he said folding his arms. No matter how cool he looked, I kept my focus. I send my fist flying towards his face. With great speed he grabbed my hand and kicks me in the stomach. My eyes widened and I coughed up bleed. I was pushed back with the force of the kick and I fell down to the ground. Lux then cracked his neck, laughed, and walked towards me.

"I should of punched you in the boob for the little fuck up move you did back there, you bitch." he smirked. He then grab hold of my neck and lifted me off the ground, choking me in the air.

"I'll kill you for sure this time" he said. His grip gotten tighter. I gasped for air. Everyone seemed like they was going to attack.

"It's okay.... Trust me" I told them using Psychic. My eyes then went back to Lux. I looked into his deep dark pure black eyes.

"You annoy me! Heh but you sure did give one heck of a damn battle. It's Bye Bye Kitty now. (Get it?! lolsz I crack myself up! XD)" Lux growled. I squint my eyes for he was choking me pretty badly. I had to stay focus. I focused my psychic energy. My hair floated with the purple energy that surrounded me. I slowly lifted my arm with a struggle and stuck out one with, my pointer. I reached out my finger to his forehead.

"... Confusion..." I whispered. I touched his forehead and a bright blinding light shown. My eyes changed colors and have gotten dull. Lux stood dull and both of us did not move.

In Lux's mind

I opened my eyes and saw darkness. Everything around me was dark and dull; no light what so ever. I really hated the dark. The darkness doesn't bring any good; just disappear. I wondered why Lux's mind was so dark. I looked around and I seen a dim light. I ran towards the light a little more then stopped when I seen a cage. The cage... it had... LUX! Lux was sitting down in the cage! He looked so dull and lifeless, his eyes had no pupil, and he was half naked meaning he had no shirt on but pants on.

"Lux? Is that You?! Lux! It is you!" I shouted. I got no answer "Lux, don't worry. I'm coming for you." I ran to him and kneed down trying to look at him in the eyes and gripped onto the cage bar.

"Lux. Can you hear me? Please stop doing this Lux! We're getting hurt. You're hurting you're comrades. You hurt Hon, Melody, Eva, Lupe... Everyone! Hon and Hoom are badly injured. Aren't they you're closest friend here? Lux!" I yelled to him. Still no answer. I kept trying.

"I know you can control yourself... Whatever it is doing this to you... Please get pass it. It doesn’t control you. You control YOURSELF! Lux is Lux! No one else! Right? ... Being alone... It's doesn't feel warm does it? I was alone too. I hated it... I used to cry. But... Then I stopped. Because I decided that being alone isn't all that bad. You find out more about yourself. Then I got friends, like what you have. Who you're fighting is you're friends! They don't want to hurt you. Hon and Hoom don’t want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt you! This just isn't right. Don't you love not feeling alone? Don't you love friends? So why hurt what and who you love?!"

On that last word, a huge gust of wind blown. Then a huge Evil Lux appeared behind me. He reached his hand out to me and grabbed me by my feet. Big Lux then pulled me into the darkness. Oh no... I didn't want to go into the darkness! No! I looked behind me and I saw evil Lux's demonic eyes which gave me quite a chill. I lost my grip of the cage.

"Lux!" I yelled out. I felt a grab of my hand. I looked at Lux who was keeping me from going with Big Lux. Lux's eyes had life in them now. He struggled to hold on to me.

"Tch... I gotcha...." he said. However, my hand slipped and I was dragged into the darkness.

"LUUUXXX!!!" I screamed with a tear falling.

- End Of Confusion Attack –

We both came back to our sense when another bright light shown. After having a tight grip around my neck for that long, I couldn’t breathe. I pushed my body to its limits with that attack. My vision became very blurry. I looked down at Lux who was still choking me above ground. His look in his eyes seemed to change, but not quite. It was time for the others to finish him off. Lux released his hand, sending me straight to ground. With the little strength I had I used the little strength I had to use Psychic once again.

“ *pant… Pant* Now…” I send to them. And everyone attacked together while I laid there on the grass, going into the darkness. Oh, how I hate the dark…

♥ Unconscious Estelle

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