Getting Into the Battle as El

Somehow Lupe, Rickey, Shupple, Asao, Faye, Nyarth, other gijinka form Team B and I where blessed with great fortune by escaping that fire Death building of disappear and grief. Thank god pokemon were there to help us out when we were really in the need of it. With polluted smoke still our lungs, Faye, Lupe and I jumped our way towards the clearing, soaring through the air, while Rickey held Asao, who still hasn't awaken yet, and Shupple walked with the little strength she had along side with some of Rickey teammates we found along the way. The slight sent of blood insinuated my nostrils. I looked over to Lupe who was already looking over to me with a "What the hell am I smelling?" look on her face while holding her nose. I looked over to Faye who nodded at me. We all stopped jumping and landing on the ground in front of the crew.

"Okay, listen here." I started. "The clearing is 500 yards ahead from where are standing. You guys go ahead and enter our hide-out, secure all doors and windows, and attend to any wounds made at the contest spot. There will be other Gijinka there so make it clear as crystal that you other Gijinka are our allies." The gang nodded. I nodded at them and then nodded at Lupe and Faye and on that note we took off towards the blood scent. I just couldn't take Shupple or Asao. They were too weak and they would only slow us down. Nyarth was still sick and I entrusted Rickey to take care of him. I knew I could depend on Lupe and Faye for better or worst.

"Hey El" Lupe called out to me while jumping through the air again; using a nick name she made for me since I was an Eevee.

"Yes Lu?" I responded with a smile.

"Don't you think you should go with the others to the clearing spot thing? I mean you're wounded yourself. Protecting others when you're injured yaself is pretty damn risky, don't ya think?" she said to me with a funky face on. Faye agreed with a nod.

"Well I'm just a risky kind of person." I smiled. Faye sighed and smiled with me. Lupe rolled her eyes and groaned.

"Ahh. Hey if you THINK so. I mean you know how you could lose yourself sometimes at the sight of a lot of blood or excitement in a battle. I'm pretty worried...” Lupe said with a heavy-hearted face. The atmosphere grew silent. Did Lupe just admitted that she actually worried for once about me? I wondered if she meant when I did that mysterious Thunder Bolt back there. Where did that come from anyway?

"Lupe...." I whispered. Lupe puffed out her cheeks and her eyes began to get watery. Then the silence was destroyed with a sound out of Lupe's mouth that sounded like a stopped laugh. Lupe ten busted out into laugher. Sigh... I knew it was too good to be true.. -_-

"Hahahahahaaaaaa!! Damn I couldn't hold it in anymore! Ya'll actually fell for it!" she laughed. I puffed out my cheeks.

"Actually Estelle did. I knew you were kidding the whole time" Faye giggled. My red became red and I puffed out my cheeks.

"W-What?! Unbelievable Lupe! And you too Faye! Y-You're laughing at me!" I stuttered in angry. The two continued to laugh. Sigh... My sisters.

"Y-YOU GUYS! STOP IT!" I yelled at them.

"Aahhh. I see you're coming out of the Fancy-Dancy grammar and ways" Lupe pointed out.

"Well duh! You guys keep messing with me! Gosh, I swear sometimes, man." I said in a hood like manner. They still continued to laugh. I smiled.

"That's all you guys wanted, huh?" I asked.

"Yupp!" Lupe winked

"Uh-huh" Faye smiled. They always did like it when they see out of an elegant stage. At times I would act like Lupe, but I choose to keep my cool- I mean at times I decide to keep the peace and act in a graceful manner to match my name. They would call me El whenever I lose myself or go street. Suddenly the blood scent grew stronger and we knew we reached our destination.

I saw below me a horrid sight with my cat vision. Through the smog, I saw blood, Lux with pure black eyes which caught my attention, Hoom covered with blood, and Eva with a human boy and others. Lux was about to attack Hoom. I had to do something and quick.

"Psybeam!" I shouted as a bright red laser sparkled out my head jewel. Lux dodged it and Hoom dropped to the floor. Lupe quickly lunged at Lux with a spiral kicked. Lux dodged that attack also with great speed and attacked Lupe. Lupe dodged barely and held back. Faye used ice beam while trying to pick up Hoom. Lux used his powerful Thunderbolt to counter the attack and it was sent towards the two. I quickly protected them with a quick force field.

"Faye!" I yelled out to Faye and she nodded. She quickly placed the hurt Houndoom Gijinka to the side. Lux charged after the two with a insane look in his eyes. I attacked with Psybeam towards him and he dodge that as well. Damn this guy could dodge. He laughed.

"Stop the laughing. They aren't you're opponents anymore. We are." I told him. He aughed even more.

"What weak gijinkas for opponents. Simply W-E-A-K. How sad for me." he said.

"Who you calling WEAK?!" Lupe said charging after him with an ear punch. Lux then grabbed her ear and yanked on it with great force. Enough forced to tear the thing off! Luckly Lupe had strong ears. She plunged down into the ground, causing the ground to have a deep hole into it. Lux jumped into the air and used Thunderbolt towards lupe. Lupe was hit. My eyes widened as I stared at Lupe body not moving from tat spot. I felt something inside me. Anger. Great anger.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! Don't you see what you're doing Luxray?! You're causing pain to your friends! Like, what is you're deal?!" I was starting to become El.

"Heh ..heheh... hahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!" he responded with a laugh. Obvisously talking it out wasn't ging to do shit. I had to fight.

"Looks like I gotta knock a shit load of sense into ya damn head." I growled. He simply held out his hand and used his fingers as if he was saying "Bring it on Bitch". It was like this was a game to him. But it's about to be over. He unleashed El. My angry took a hold of me. My claws grew a bit longer. I got on all four and hissed at Lux. I sprinted towards Lux and threw punches and uppercuts with some high and low kicks. Soon enough it became a series of dodges, punches and kicks with Lux and I..

Someone continue? Lux Maybe? lol

~ Estelle (GASP! WHERE'S THE HEART?!?!?)

Hahhhaaaaa! Estelle don't PLAY! This fight should be REAAAL interesting. >=3
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