Waking up to confusion...

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My eyes slowly opened. ... Where was I? My whole body felt like it has been pumbled by stones. The surroundings were dark and quite crowded with spider webs, knives, blood, and a smell of dead monkeys. Even though it was dark, I could see. I tried moving a little. Heh, should of known. I was also tied up. I guess you could say I was pretty much mad. Pissed to be exact.

"What the hell have I've gotten myself into?" I whispered to myself. I tried to remember what I was doing before waking up in a sh*thole like this but I couldn't at the moment from my horrible headache. The rope tied on my hands were easy to slip on off once I wiggled a little. Once my hands were freed, i un-tied the rope on my feet. The chain around my neck was old and rusty with the color of indistinct bronze so it was emphatically easy to break free from that.

"Heh... Amature hunters. The worse kind of sh*t rags..." I said, wipping blood from my mouth. I busted down the door and found myself surrounded by poorly dressed bounty hunters. I smirked and spoke to them.

"Heh. I guess I didn't enjoy my stay here so I'll be going now." They all laughed and some pulled out a gun.

"Laughing at people when they're really serious isn't very nice. Especialy if that person is infuriated. So move." My eyes glowed red and I used psychic to throw they group out of my path. Some flew left and bang into a wall, some flew right and banged into a wall, and others flew through the roof and into the sky, making a shining star up above. I really didn't care about where they would land, I just wanted to get the hell out of there. I ran to the clearing, on all fours, making sure no one was following my footsteps.

No one seemed to be at the clearing. Once my head cleared up, I remembered the contest was today. I looked at the clock. "The contest has started a while ago. Oh darn. I really wanted to join.. Maybe it's not to late!" I said to myself. At this point I was calmed. I hopped into the bath, cleaned up, placed a bandage on my left cheek to hide a cut, grabbed my contest costumes, and headed to the human village with a delighted smile upon my face.

I met up with Lupe as soon as I got there.

"Hey Estelle! You sure have been shopping for a while. Does that mean there's alot of food at the clearing? There better be!" she laughed. Are you serious? I've been gone for about 5 hours and she thought I was shopping?! I clenthed my fist, holding back my anger. Then I sighed and smiled.

"Haha. Yeah. And the thing is that I didn't get anything! I forgot my bag of money at home... and... I thought I dropped it! Yeah! So I was looking for it the whole time around the village." I lied. I never did like lying to Lupe. It pretty much kills me, but I never wanted her or anyone to worry.

"Damn Estelle. You could be so clueless sometimes." she laughed some more.

"Look who's talking!" I chuckled.

"Well I already entered you in the contest. But since you came so late they thought dropped out. Sooooo.... I'll tell them you're in! Up next is... I think it's swimsuits. Ja Ne!" On that note, she hopped along to the administators. I decided to walk around for a while until Lupe comes back and notifies about what judges say. While observing the contestants, I saw most of the club memebrs and smiled gracefully at them. I also saw alot of humans backstage. Most of their costumes looked fake. One costume caught my eye. It was a Luxray Gijinka costume. It looked... too real. I hid behind a wall and looked up and down the Luxray.

"hmmm... Looks TOO real... I'll approach him." I thought. "Sugoi. You're costume is really astonishing! Almost look real, ya know?" I said to him with a smile. He looked at me as if I was some kid who didn't learned how not to talk to strangers.

"Thanks. Your's looks real also." He said to me. Then for a second I thought I saw his ears twitched. I moved closer to him and rubbed his ears curiously.

"Nice ears. They're really soft and fluffy. What did you make them out of? Real pokemon fur?" I asked him, still smiling. He removed my hand.

"Hey quit it." he said. Then I saw his tail and yanked it.

"Kawaii! Such a cute tail." I giggled. I was acting like a curious little kid, which I didn't do very often. He was about to yell so I stopped him by putting a finger on his mouth. I spoke.

"There's no need to fuss. I'm done. I gathered all the info I needed. You're a real Gijinka. I'm Estelle and it's a please to meet another one of my kind. Are you with the others in the club?"

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