Blast me away

I took another step closer towards the moving bush. My curiousity grew stronger. "Hello?" I repeated. Then suddenly I heard a female voice yell out, "HYDRO PUMP!" and a blast of water was spent my way. I wasn't quick enough to react towards it. I was hit and sent flying, back smacked against a hard tree. When I landing, I fell slightly on my head. My vision became blurry.

"Damn. I should of seen that coming.." I swore. While I could still see a little, I saw a blue girl running over to me. I've never seen her before. She wasn't human, that I knew for sure. She looked like a mudkip gijinka. Another one?, I thought. She's probably the one you sent that blast of water my way... but why? My eyes began to close. I was now squinting them. I was getting very sleepy. Maybe I should take a nap...

"Gomen... if I startled you..." I managed to whisper before taking my unexpected nap.


♥ Estelle
Estelle tends to get less nice when serious things goes down. That explains the swearing. ^^