Stop scaring the kids!

After bumping to Nyarth and a new gijinka family member named Mel, I went back to the clearing, introduced Mel, and told the gang about the wonderous Gijinka Day festival.

"Look! The humans are holding a contest in honor of Gijinka Day! The best part is that we can enter, because with all the humans dressing up for it, nobody will be able to tell were gijinkas!" I told them with a wide smile on my peachy face. Vara's smile caught my eye the most because it showed pure excitement. I glacefully smiled at her.

"Sounds like fun, correct? Right?!" I added. Suddenly Lupe hopped out of no where and snatched the flyer from my hand and hopped on top of a cabnit. I puffed out my cheeks at her as if i was only 5 years of age. Her eyes zoomed from left to right; she was examing it.

"Hmmm... Are you sure this is safe, Estelle? I mean just look at it. A rotten peice of crumpled paper..." she qucikly took a wift of the flyer, "It smells like rain and pollen... and it say's 'DEATH-TRAP' all over it! Well to me it does. This might be a trap!" she panicked sarcastically. Swiftly, I jumped up and took the paper back.

"Oh please, Lupe! It would be loads of fun for the whole club! Right guys?" I asked the crew. Most of them cheered, I guess that was enought to win over Lupe. Lupe rollered her eyes. "Well okay. But dont be crying to me when you all are caught by the bounty hunters. Its a trap I tells ya." she warned. Obviously she was trying to scare the little ones. Nyarth had a worried face on. I bent down to his size, place my hand on his head, scratched him behind the ear, and looked him straight in the eyes.

"No bounty hunter is going to take you away Nyarth. I promise you!" I reinsured him. A sparkly grin appeared on his face. It made me smile.

"Hey what about me, Miss Estelle?!" Nina suddenly blurted out. I turned towards her and patted her head with a smile as well.

"I promise nothing bad will happen." I said.

Some please continue!

♥ Estelle