After some thing I decided that this world is really going to be for some random OC's, my Elementals and my Gijinka just to keep it more organized. I will probablt be updating the banner soon. I just have to think of one first.

Patrick the Liepard | Zane The Zangoose| Sora the Skarmory (shiny) | Peter the Pidgeotto| Vail the Vulpix | Ventus the Ninetales | Flynn The Greninja | Peirce the Empoleon | Sidney the Luxray | Aurther the Articuno | Drake the Darkrai | Myles the Swampert | Sebastian the Blastoise (shiny) | Osamu the Samurott | Jade the Jolteon | Uno the Umbreon


Sasuke Kaisai | Toshiro Unido | Hale Snyder | Tate Snyder | Kyo Grim | Nero Ulric | Aaron Strife | Gilbert Reis | Sean Kaisai | Jason Grim | Jaden Wang | Harley Lash

Other OC's

Jacob| Kai Hikari | Ace Conner | Hissori Wick | Mai Wick | Angel Stirling |

Jinx Black | Dante Faris | Leon Smit | Momoka | Nicholas | Alexander | Jing Song |

Veryn Info

Greetings and welcome to the World of Veryn! You have arrived at the largest city of this world called Skjlom. Here you can find just about anything and everything you would need to have fun and enjoy yourself in this ga…world. Soon you wil...

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Toshiro WIP

To continue my series I decided to do Toshiro next. Doing these are really helping me figure out my coloring style also it's helping me work on backgrounds. I figured that I would put a WIP up for this one so everyone could see how far I've gotten...

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Andrew Wolfe

Just because of him flipping off the camera I didn't want to put this up because I feel like it would be reported and taken down. So I'm just going to post it here. It was brought to my attention that I never described what Andy looks like in the ...

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Odell, Save Hyrule! Character

Name: Odell Nickname: dell, fox Gender: Male Race: Fuchs Age: 25 DOB: June 22nd Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 155lbs Hair color(s): Deep red, medium ...

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Walker the Whimsicott

Name: Walker Daley (Like to be called Wally) Gender: Male Age: 24 (he looks about 18-19) DOB: May 12th Height: 5’11” Weight: 143lbs Pokemon: Whimsicott Type: Grass/ Fairy Nation...

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