50 Manga Series Challenge (2013 edition) (2/50 read)

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How do I rate manga?
Originality + creativity: 2 points - how often it was done, and how well it was done this time
Characters: 2 points - evolution, interaction etc.
Realism/believability: 2 points - does it make me roll my eyes or nod in agreement?
Flow: 1 point - disjointed or complete?
How much I enjoyed it: 3 points - because it's an opinion after all

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I am a fan of yaoi so I review yaoi titles as well. Don't worry - they're properly flagged and don't contain any explicit images or descriptions.
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A short review of PGSM Crystal ep 08

Usagi is now in deep shit because none of the girls' attacks against Kunzite seem to be working. You would've thought that they'd know he'll be harder to beat, considering how they fared against Zoisite ...

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A short review of PGSM Crystal ep 07

And this one wins the award for "Shittiest Animation Yet". Mamoru has the wedgie of a lifetime. Ouch. ...

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A short review of PGSM Crystal ep 06


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Midnight Secretary by OHMI Tomu

Figured I'd do some josei for a change, so this time I bring you a series that may just be a Japanese version of Twilight, but with slightly more developed characters and a much smuttier plot! ...

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Nemuri Netarou Awararu!! by AMANO Akira

I stumbled upon this after someone on Minitokyo made a tag for it and, of all things, I wanted to find out the last name of the girl XD After flipping through pages randomly, it started to look intriguing, so I gave it a shot~ ...

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