Been a while: Since I saw you last.

-------------------Amby's P.O.V-------------------------------------------------

Everything was Erie quiet I didnt move nor did anything stir..

Something is very very very wrong I thought to myself but I just stood there bewildered at the pause and no sound of anyone in the house I should have heard Jess and Aiden or...someone else..

"Amby?You noticed something was wrong too right?"Lea asked her voice soft which was never soft due to her nature. I nodded it just wasnt right for some reason.

I stepped on the stairs which gave one of those spooky horror movie stairs groan I shivered Okay now there is Something very wrong I thought.

Being my usual quick to react person,I ran up the stairs to Jess's room the erie feeling creeping up my throat as a scream of horror.

I turned the door knob quickly and...As I looked around I just saw Jess was blacked out and Aiden...He was a monster..The Erie feeling crept up my throat again and my heart felt as if it did when I let out a horror filled voice it was shrill and loud the scream was a wood splitting bone crunching sound that came from the mouth.

Ryan ran up the stairs and grabbed me as he was about to say are you alright,
Aiden looked up at us in the door way and....




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Mythical Creatures and Me... Nope, Still Doesn't Sound Right

Chapter Two

The gray eyes have been long forgotten, I figured Aaron was right. My eyes were probably just playing a trick on me. It wouldn't be the first time.

It's been a couple of hours since I saw them, and Ryan and Aidan seemed pretty okay with the fact that Aaron and Kyle would be staying with us, as long as they didn't try anything funny.

I was absolutely ecstatic, I'd get my loving and sweet Aaron back, and my playful and energetic Kyle. And did I mention Aaron's killer cooking skills?

Aidan and I sneaked up to my room, to be alone for a bit. You know, to talk about it.

And maybe just a little bit more.

I bit my lip to keep from crying out as he lightly bit down on the sensitive skin on my neck.

Aidan trailed butterfly kisses up and down my neck before settling on a spot just beside my throat. I let my hands move to his hair and tangled my fingers in his long, silky hair tilting my head to the side to give him more access.

Then he bit down and almost made me scream out in ecstasy. My breathing hitched and I let out a shaky sigh, "God," I breathed, that being the only thing I could manage to say.

I could feel my eyes rolling to the back of my head, when he bit down harder, but this time it didn't feel so great. I could feel the blood being drawn out and into his mouth.

I started squirming under his demanding hold, but he only gripped me tighter. I struggled more against him, but that only caused him to rip my flesh.

I held back my urge to scream, and tried to pry him off me. I could feel a tingly sensation run through my body, and I felt my eyes roll all the way to the back of my head.

Something was wrong with me. I felt unconscious but I wasn't. I was numb to the pain, but I could feel what was happening inside me.

Something was very, very wrong.

Mythical Creatures and Me... Nope, Still Doesn't Sound Right

Chapter One

After our little reunion, Kyle dragged me outside and he insisted we play catch. But that wasn't all, he decided to play "Let's throw Jessica in a mud pile!".

I had just gotten out of the shower and I started blow drying my hair, but something caught my eye in the mirror.

There was something at my window. Or someone?

I got up, half my hair wet and curly, the other half dry and straight. Not that it mattered, if this was some sort of peeping tom, I would not be happy at all.

I looked out my window, and say steely gray eyes. I knew those eyes. They were familiar. Too familiar.

But I couldn't place my figure on who it was. I heard a quiet knock at my door, and I saw Aaron pop his head into my room, "Nice hair," he commented.

I rolled my eyes, and with a quick glance at the window, I went back to blow drying it.

"So, how's my favourite girl?" he asked, sitting on my bed.

"Pretty good, you?" I asked, pushing the eyes to the back of my mind.

"Relieved," he said, letting out a sigh, "I'm finally out of that closet."

"Oh, come on," I started, smiling, "Kyle couldn't have been that bad."

"Yea, well, you weren't locked in a closet with him."

"That's true," I said, finishing up quickly.

"Something up?" he asked after a few seconds of silence.

"Oh, uh, no. It's-- No, it's nothing. Just my mind's clouded," I lied.

"Something's bothering you, you know you can tell me," he told me.

"Yea, I know I can, it's just that..."

"You don't trust me?"

"No-- I mean, I do," I contemplated for a few moments, "look out my window."

"How's this--"

"Just do it."

He got up off my bed and looked out my window, "Now, what do you see?" I asked. He squinted his eyes trying to see the gray eyes that were still staring back at us.

"Um, a lot of trees?" he said, not sure.

"You don't see them?" I asked, confused. They were practically glowing. Screaming for him to see them, but he couldn't How could he not see them?

"See them?" he asked, "What am I supposed to see?"

"The eyes, they're right there," I pointed at them, they had a gleam in them, challenging me to do something about it, "you honestly can't see them?"

"No, I honestly can't see them," he said, leaning in closer. They were still staring straight at us, they were hard to miss. They were popping out against the trees, but then they got closer.

"They-- Aaron, they're closer," I stuttered. I couldn't take my eyes off them. It was as if I was drawn to them. I held their gaze, mine slightly wavering.

They were intense, they made my body go rigid. They scared me, to sum it all up.

"Hey, Jess, look at me," he said, turning my face from the window, "it's probably your eyes playing a trick on you, it happens," he assured me, "Now let's go downstairs, or else Kyle will come up here, mud and all, and give you a giant bear hug," he wrapped an arm around my waist and led me away from the window.

I took a glance at my mirror, and saw somebody there. But they were grinning, I couldn't see their whole face, they had their face shadowed by their hood, but I could easily see their eyes and half their face.

Something big was about to happen.


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~~~~~~Amby's pov~~~~~~~~~~

Its been at least 4 to 5 months since the last time we had something bad happen....but now Aiden and Jess and Ryan and I are closer then ever.

-few hours later-

I and Jess and the girls were stuck in the house Okay I guess I skipped a bit of our life when we met Ryan and Aiden huh?

Well theres two more of their friends Aaron and Kyle both Aiden and Ryan were afraid they'd take us away from them so of them disapeared.

Did me and Jess wonder where they went after a while we both didn't wonder about them anymore.

But right now I wondered where the hell were they?

After I had enough courage to get up off the couch I heard a bang.

"Holy fuck what the hell was that!?"I yelled at Jazzy and the other girls.

Jazzy shrugged then the door got busted in by guess who Aaron and Kyle yep good guess!

"Holy fuck Aaron Kyle!!"I yelled opening up my arms a bit "Kyle Aaron I missed you two!!"

"what happened to you guys all this time?"Jess asked the question in the back of my mind.

"Well Ryan and Aiden locked us in the closet Do you know how horrific it is to be stuck in a closet with Kyle?"Aaron said

"Urm no I can only guess"all the girls and I said to him

"wait what happened to you Amby?"they asked me.

Whelp this is fun being asked that again....."Well Urm.....You see....Urm Ryan kinda got me Preggo"I said then my stomach growled loudly"Okay that wasn't my stomach!"I said with wide eyes

"Dun worry shes been like that for a few weeks Jess maybe you should call Kage?"Aaron said

"why would we call Kage?he wouldn't know what to do"Jazzy muttered

"actually he would because hes a doctor"Jess said triumphantly

"Kage is a Doctor?"Jazzy asked astounded at the thought of Kage being a Doctor then she smirked

Jess dialed Kage's number while saying"dot dot dot 5 dot dot 6 dot dot Oh Hello Kagey!!!!"she yelled

I don't know what was said on Kage's line of the phone but I guessed he was coming.

~Jazzy's P.O.V~

I didn't know these people who barged into the living room without a care in the world....had I missed a chapter in this?

Must have I guessed to myself after all not knowing these people in my friend's house when she could be easily hurt or beaten down!!!

I growled but hey Amby and Jess seemed to know them so I calmed down alot.... way too much but my fur in wolf form was bristling!

Damn I didn't like them here but I knew one was a wolf though so he probably saw my edginess but Kage stepped in the door.

~Izzy's P.O.V~

after Jazzy was growling and her fur was a bristle I calmed because I knew these people were friends not foes.

of course they had no attention to hurt us or Amby for that matter.

But Amby's stomach kept growling up a storm did I mind that duh I did.

of course I'd care if Amby was hungry or it was the baby because it would be our responsiblity to help her out with this but still I would help I would do my best but truth be it I was actually half blind thats why no one saw my eyes.

Only of course Lea saw them but hey Lea won to saw them haha.

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