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How Do I Get My Username Changed?

So you’ve decided you want a different username without needing to start over. We can help you with this but there are some things you need to do before you make a request for a change. Please keep in mind that some of these require...

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Why Aren't You Approving My Quiz?!

A couple times a month I go through the quizzes and approve maybe 2-3 out of the 40+ that is waiting to be approved. Our standards for quizzes aren’t too difficult to meet, but there are things that shouldn’t be used in a quiz period....

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How Do I Get A Title Promotion?

We are much tougher than most sites for the criteria we use to promote members. There are three main variables we look at: (1) How long you've been a member, (2) How many times you visit the site, and (3) How often you comment. Crit...

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How Do I Add External Images to Worlds?

You can add up to four outside images to your WORLDS introduction and posts. Simply follow this format:


If your image is greater than 620 pixels wide, our site will automatically resize it for you so that your WORLD doesn't break.

How Do I Make Sure theOtaku Emails Don't Get Spam Filtered?

The absolute best way to make sure that emails we send you (notifications, password retrievals, and newsletter mailings) don't get spam filtered is by adding our email address to your contact list. Here's a quick walkthrough for a few popul...

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