How Do I Get A Title Promotion?

We are much tougher than most sites for the criteria we use to promote members. There are three main variables we look at: (1) How long you've been a member, (2) How many times you visit the site, and (3) How often you comment.

Criteria #1: How long you've been a member

It takes one year to go from Otakuite to Senior Otaku, three years to go from Senior Otaku to Otaku Legend and five years to go from Otaku Legend to Otaku Eternal.

Criteria #2: How many times you visit the site

It's not enough just to be registered for a certain period of time. You also have to actually visit us on a regular basis. Someone who registered a year ago but visited a few times and never returned won't get promoted.

Criteria #3: How often do you comment

Comments are important because everyone on theOtaku values good feedback. We don't just look at the raw # of comments you make, but we also take into account other factors about the comments to prevent spamming.

We promote members once a month based on these criteria and publish the list of newly promoted members online for all to see.