Why Aren't You Approving My Quiz?!

A couple times a month I go through the quizzes and approve maybe 2-3 out of the 40+ that is waiting to be approved. Our standards for quizzes aren’t too difficult to meet, but there are things that shouldn’t be used in a quiz period. So before you go to submit one, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve done it right.

Did you make your own image results?

This is the biggest reason I turn down quizzes. The creator either outright took someone else’s quiz results, or they used fan art or wallpapers created by other people. The idea is to make your own images instead of just using whatever you find around the net.

Okay, I made my own, now what?

That’s great, but did you make sure the images aren’t pixilated? Did you make sure the text is not only readable, but free from spelling and grammar errors? If there are only one or two mistakes, I’ll let it though, but if they are littered with errors, it needs to be redone.

To give you an idea of what they should look like, I’ve prepared an example for you. Good crisp clean images and readable text is what we’re looking for. An image with no text or too much white space just isn’t going to cut it where nicely made quiz results make it more fun to take.

It’s also a good idea to make them the same size when submitting the quiz. The largest that quiz results can be is 400 x 200. It’s pretty rare that I’ll approve something if it’s too much smaller. For example, simply finding icons around the web that are usually 100 x 100, not only weren’t made by you, but don’t have enough room to include much as a result.

I did that, but my quiz still didn’t get approved, why?

The next part is to make sure your questions are free from spelling and grammar errors too. They also need to be tasteful. If they’re littered with swearing or crude references, that won’t get approved either. I can easily fix a few errors, but if the entire thing is written in text speech such as “do u like bys?” unless it’s in character for the quiz, and trust me that’s going to be rare, that won’t get approved either.

Try to take the time to make well thought out questions, if you’re unsure, just browse through the quizzes to see what’s been accepted. It’s kind of boring if the quiz has questions that only ask what color you like or what food you like or, who you think you’ll get. If you don’t know the anime or show well enough to think of questions, then take a moment to review it.

Anyway, if there are other questions that I didn’t cover, then by all means, feel free to ask and I’ll try to clear things up so you can finally get your quiz approved.