well hi again

Vanitie here to tell you about my life: NEW DEVELOPMENT:IT STILL FUCKING SUCKS!
that will be all

hey there everyone

just thought I'd stop by to share another one of my opinions, this would be my opinion on STUPID PEOPLE.
they are extremely annoying, and unlucky me is forced to live in a town that is FILLED TO THE BRIM with stupid people.
Lake Dallas, the drug center of the Metroplex, is filled with Meth heads that have been "Saved" and teenage "Punks" who think they know everything, so in short its filled with Drug addicts and stupid little fucks.
i HATE this town.
granted, i love drugs. LOVE THEM.
however when drug addicts feel guilt and push Jesus in everyones faces, thats going a bit far dont you think?
and stupid people, now everyone can agree living around a bunch of stupid people is absolutely UNBEARABLE.
and when the pass time of these stupid people is to drive everyone else insane and use every boy/girl that they can get their hands on, that just piles on hatred for this group of human beings.
sadly this group makes up the majority of the human population, so when you are looking for intelligent, decent conversation...it's gonna take awhile.
the majority of human society is about as psychologically deep as a puddle, and as shallow as a shower, therefore trying to talk to most people is like trying to talk to a vain version of Arch-Angel Michael.
and another thing, why do people love to talk shit about other people?
every time some one is even a little different from the majority, they're slandered and attacked mercilessly.
this is the part of human stupidity that gets to me the most.
some people who could have been amazing are afraid to blossom and grow because of the "popular crowd".
i think the age of Niches and Cliques needs to END!
people aren't divided into groups at birth, so why on earth should they be separated by the way they dress, look, or act?
it's easy to judge someone when you yourself are in the "popular crowd" and so that is where are this judgment and separation branches out from, and i for one CANNOT PUT UP WITH IT ANY LONGER!!!!
genres in human life are pointless!
i can understand putting a category to movies, music and things like that, but PEOPLE???!!!!
is there no limit to how far people will go to have something that doesn't exist(i.e. normalcy)?
i doubt it.
first it was separation by color, that was found unconstitutional and therefore done away with.
then it was separation by gender, that didn't work either, then we moved on to separation by sexual preference, that's still going, then we added clothing style, behavior, ways of thinking CHRIST the list goes on and on.
this is the definition of stupidity people.
meaningless judgment, baseless hatred for another person or group of people, a list that also goes on and on.
will the bullshit that runs through the human mind never end?
ok, i think i've troubled you all with enough ranting for the day.
Mood: Contemplative...and Angery
Music: BOTDF- Ima Monster


i am in love and it is wonderful.
his name is angel.
oh the irony
he is my angel, and makes my life worth living.
in short he is my life.
all my sorrow is is gone
and i feel enveloped in pure joy.
life no longer seems so difficult..
thanks to you


i have no clue what to do about life, love any of it.
all words that pertain to daily living that begin with "l" confuse the shit out of me.
all the time... i think about things that never should be thought about...
shit like my past...
that is some shit right?
i cant think about the way things used to be without driving myself mad.
amazing right?
i know. im fucking insane.
but thats the way i am.
and i cant take anymore of this...this shit!
but i guess i can ignore it for one more day...
another day of agony into a lifetime is nothing right?
just another brick of shit in the four walls to my personal hell.
all in all i guess it doesnt really matter.

if you knew

if you knew why my life needed saving would you stll be capabe of the task???
i dont believe that you would however it is not up to me to deside...