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(This world was inherited by my old PGR OC, Chii. So older posts on this world are still in his name.)

Chii's English Voice Actor

I don't watch enough subbed Anime anymore to tell you who I'd want to play Chii in Japanese, so I'm just going to show you his voice in english which is.....


Shoayron from Tsubasa Chronicle!

Here a video of him talking (he's the kid with the brown hair) and I know this has nothing to do with anything but the guy with the blonde hair would be my pick for Tristan the Togekiss's voice <33

(And i'm sorry for the bad quantity of voice for both, this was one of the only clips from the dubbed version I could find, so "Chii's Voiceactor" doesn't talk as much as I'd like)

(DANG IT!!! Sorry again DDD< It says "Invalid URL" so I'll have to send you alink instead until I figure this out. Sorry again~)

LINK------> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN7EjhD4AOU

Join the PARTEH Cause I feel BAD!

Me: I feel bad but I kinda just realized it was your birthday yesterday, Chii .___.'''

Chii: WHAAAT?! Why are you doing this to me--First I'm out of the club for EVER and then Cheruu LEAVES ME and then I get knocked onto Lupe's bed while she's in it on accident and THEN you forget MY BIRTHDAY?!?! DDD"XX *cries in a corner and proceeds to make mushrooms*

Me: GAH! I am SO sorry Chii I really do feel bad!

Chii: *sniffles*And WHEN did you find this out?

Me:....When I checked your profile today...

Chii: GAHHHSNDNSFMD<<!!! *bawls* That's TERRIBLE!

Me: B-but on the bright side Chii, you're 19 now! :D

Chii: Yeah... *snif*... So?

Me: So... Uhmmm HAPPY BRITHDAY!! *throws confettii* And uhmm AND I invited all the gijinka over for a parteh!! WHOOOO

Chii: .... ?

Me: Will that make you feel BETTER?

Chii: ....*snif* *smiles* Yeeeeeah :)

Me: THEN LET'S PARTEH!! *dance music cue* And I'll draw you a little something tomarrow alright? :D

Chii: *bursts into dance* OKAY!!

(Me: *phew* I'm glad that worked~)



Chii's BRAND NEW Profile

Some of the stuff it asked for didn't make much sense, but I'll edit it later~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pokemon: Chinchou National #: 170 Title: Angler Pokemon Type of Pokemon: Water/Electric ...

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Chii's Background Story (His first post for PGR)

This was the first post I did of Chii, I thought I'd just use it as his background for this profile since he has kind of a long story ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’d seen the ocean every single day when I woke up since I was even born--same boring old place with its small beach surrounding a small jungle and only housing an astonishing ten or other residents. I wanted to leave. And badly at that-- this place was cramping a bit on my style, I mean, I haven’t even SEEN Cinnabar Island and I only live a couple miles from it.
Well, looks as though I've gotten my wish, hasn't it?
The storm rolled in the fast that I barely saw it until it was right on top of our little island.
The clouds grew darker, heavier. The wind picked up.
“Hey guys??” I turned around. Nobody. Well that’s odd.
Thunder clapped once and I spun around to see the ocean growing restless. I’d seen storms before, but none that gave my heart such a start that I knew it was going to be very, very bad.
“Guys!” I scrambled to my feet, the wind almost knocking me down and ripping my sandals from my feet. Rain began to pour and lighting flashed off in the distance. “Hey, hey! Everyone off the island! We need to swim to the mainland!!” Mainland? Heck was I talking about--I didn’t know where the mainland was! Well that’s just peachy.
I looked in all the houses. No one. Nothing.
Then a thought struck me, so cold a callow I almost didn’t want to think it at all.
Did they… Leave me? Cheruu....? Did he...?
I had no time to think on it as the lightning turned to booms of ear-spitting thunder. I screamed despite myself, my courage gone with those I trusted as friends. Immediately I darted into my hut and took out all of the things that I needed and were water-proof, stuffed them in a bag, and ran out the door just before the rain and wind swiped my hut from the ground and smacked it against a tree.
Fantastic, Chii my man, just the time to wear short-shorts and a skin-tight top. Heck, that’s my wardrobe basically but still nice going. I was annoyed a bit talking to myself, but it seemed to be the only way to keep me even a little sane in this raging storm.
Just before I made it to shore, though, I felt my long bulb earrings get caught in a tree and I stumbled. Oh please no! I made sure not to wretch myself from the tree, those earring amplified my electric power and I winced at the pain as the bulb sparked and fizzed, its light turning on an off. But I had to hurry. One more pull and… Yes!
I sprinted to the beach, not even glancing at the churning water as I dived into the ocean that was my element. My second home. .. That was about to turn me into churned butter. I sputtered, hitting the surface. I had never swam in a storm before so I had never anticipated its raging power. Waves pulled me under each second and as I tried to swim one way, the water only pulled me back. “Fight it, Chii!!!” I growled at myself, loud so I could hear myself above the storm.
“Well, well--what do we have here?”
Oh. My. Lanta. I did not want to deal with this right now.
“Get away from me!!” I screeched. But they just kept coming, their fins cutting through the storm easily.
Thunder cracked and I yelped as the water tossed me into the Pokemon I did not want to see. Sharpedos.
“Having a hard time there, bubble boy?” The three of them sneered.
“I have to get--”
“Too bad he’s a Gijinka chinchou… He can drown.” They smirked.
My eyes widened, not seeing the gigantic wave until it was too late. It over-took me quickly and the sharpedos dove under to keep me under. I was chinchou, yes, and I could hold my breath for a very long time underwater… but I was also a Gijinka. I could die under here.
I trashed under there, trying, but failing as they tossed me along with the storm above us.
After only three minutes, I couldn’t handle it anymore. So I blacked out.
I woke up sore and confused, knowing that I was on land by the grass I could feel beneath me. But the grass was soft, not course like it was supposed to be…. Where am I?
I tried to look up, but failed horribly as I felt the bleeding cuts and my sore muscles give out. I lay there only staring ahead, wondering why the trees where so…. Fat. Not island trees. Just fat trees. Fantastic. I’ve landed in fat-tree land.
My ears perked up. Voices. Oh come on, haven’t those sharpedos…..
Wait. No. It wasn’t them. I looked up weakly to find that I was at the edge of a forest and from between the thicket of trees I could see a very large building and voices coming from that area.
Well, whatdoyaknow--Help… Maybe.
With the last of my strength I shouted out, “HEEEEYYY!!” Before collapsing and fading into black.

Cheruu's Proflie (FINALLY)

hahahahaha~ I can't believe I forgot to post this XDXD Cheruu: *Glare* Yuo've forgotten me ALL this time?! Nitwit. Me: D: Oh come on! I have a bad memeory!!! D'X Cheruu: Pft. )< ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

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