Hello my lords and ladies, and welcome to my lovely little world! I appreciate you taking the time to stop on by. It was recommended by Blue Latte to create one and she convinced me. So here it is, my little random domain. If you wish to ask me anything or just have a chat, please feel free to PM me or just comment.

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Thank you for visiting!

Pokemon X 3DS Friend Code


Like millions of people around the world, I got Pokemon X! Whoop Whoop! If you are playing and have a second or 2, feel free to add me as your friend. My friend code is 3952-8068-0069. I would love to have you as my friend and maybe we can even battle and trade!

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My Little Pony mobile app username

Heyy everyone!

I recently signed up to Gameloft live through the My Little Pony mobile app game. If you would like to, feel free to add me. My username and ID is melizza_pie92 I would love your help and to have you in my friends list. We can help eachother with hearts and get ponies!

My Pretty Sylveon Plush

Hello my lovelies!

I would like for you all to meet my Sylveon plushie! Isn't she the cutest!? I finally got her a few days ago and I love her to bits. She is about 23cm tall, but it's a shame as I wish she was a bit bigger. But regardless, I find her adorable! ♥ She now sits near my window, with the rest of her family of Eevee evolutions.

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Jaw Advancement

Heyy all!

For those who don't know, I'm getting Jaw surgery sometime next year. So, I thought I would do my research before hand so I am at least a little prepared to what to somewhat expect. I don't know for sure what they will be doing, but I have a somewhat idea about what they might do.

Here is an animation on how they will fix my jaw. Thankfully, it is just an animation on where the bone will be cut. There is nothing gruesome what so ever.

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--[ ]--Braces--[ ]--

Hello my little lovelies!

I believe it was on the 4th of April, I finally got my braces on! I am over the moon about it! I have started the 2 year journey of correcting my jaw. Weeeeeeee!~ The braces process was actually rather pleasant than I expected it to be. It took around an hour and a half, but it was all worth it!

On the other hand, I found out that braces alone won't help correct my jaw, so in addition, I'll need to have corrective jaw surgery. It's not exactly what I want or what I expected, but if it means fixing my jaw, then I'll do it! The surgery won't be happening until next year of course, do I do have a while to go ahah! I'm scared, but I'm also looking forward to it.

Just in case I'm not enough of a geek already, let's add braces to make it official.

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