--[ ]--Braces--[ ]--

Hello my little lovelies!

I believe it was on the 4th of April, I finally got my braces on! I am over the moon about it! I have started the 2 year journey of correcting my jaw. Weeeeeeee!~ The braces process was actually rather pleasant than I expected it to be. It took around an hour and a half, but it was all worth it!

On the other hand, I found out that braces alone won't help correct my jaw, so in addition, I'll need to have corrective jaw surgery. It's not exactly what I want or what I expected, but if it means fixing my jaw, then I'll do it! The surgery won't be happening until next year of course, do I do have a while to go ahah! I'm scared, but I'm also looking forward to it.

Just in case I'm not enough of a geek already, let's add braces to make it official.

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