Welcome to the world of Amoura. Where mythical creatures, spirits, and Elementals exist together in harmony. There's more to this world than meets the eye so come and join in on the fun and discover just what secrets may lay within.


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Elemental Breakdown

Welcome to Basics of the Elements I am the author Lucian Fey. Within this book, I will be breaking down all seventeen elements. I know that no one would like to read this, but it is needed so please bare with me and we will ma...

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My character is new to Amoura can they start with having their soul weapon? -No they may not. They won’t even know what a soul weapon is. My character is not new to Amoura are they allowed to have their soul weapon? -Agai...

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Name: Nickname: Gender: Age: DOB: Sexual Orientation: Height: Weight: Hair color(s): Eye color(s): Appearance: (Body build, tattoos, piercings, etc.…) Personality: Hist...

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Sol System

Sol is the currency on Amoura. It will also be our point system for this RP! Every student will be given an allowance every week in order for them to get food, clothes, and other things. If you run out of your allowance for the week you should pro...

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You may start off with two characters There is no max of characters at the moment (this may change later, though) No GOD characters please. (None of these characters, are allowed to have the rare ability of their eleme...

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