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Cotton Puff

Cotton Puff INFO

  • Cotton puffs are soft and light like cotton and will follow you around.
  • Only people with the ability to see spirits are able to communicate with cotton puffs.
  • A cotton puff is born when a child blows on a dandelion seed head.
  • It is rare to find twins for cotton puffs. If you ever find twins hold onto them!
  • They love to help out whenever they can.
  • They really like to eat.
  • They try to do the right thing and even with their size will try their best to stick up for you.
  • Cotton Puff's use magic to their advantage.
  • Each cotton puff knows illusion magic, but then they also know ONE element magic.
  • The color of their bell signifies what element magic they have.
  • Common Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air
  • Uncommon Elements: Light, Dark, Lightning, Healing, Teleportation, Sound
  • Rare Element: Avatar (normally cotton puffs of this nature will only have one weapon form
  • Cotton puffs have three forms. Cotton form, Mini form, and human form
  • The mini form is just a 3-4" size version of their human form.
  • The human form they don't lose any of their mini forms features. The height of human form ranges depending on gender, but they are the same height as a normal human.

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