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Name of Race: Kapua (closed species) [Mean's Flower in Hawaiian]

Gender: Male and Female

Life Span: 1000 years

Kapua are tiny little fairy type creature’s that are born from someone’s first kiss. Now they don’t just appear out of nowhere. They are actually born from the person’s favorite flower who has just received their first kiss. They are magical beings that have fairy type wings and a tail, which at the end has a very small version of the flower that they were born from. Male Kapua are between 5-7 inches tall and female Kapua’s are between 4-6 inches tall. As for magic wise they have a variety of magic that they can use. They can normally make flowers bloom and elemental magic. As they get older they can grant wishes to humans and use some transformation magic. But they can only grant wishes to the person that they were born from their kiss.

Of course Kapua don’t have to fly everywhere. They can hide their wings in a birthmark that is on their back. If a Kapua has a sibling they will have the same marking on their back. Getting a sibling is usually the result of the sibling of the person who has had their first kiss also receives their first kiss. This doesn’t mean that they are going to be born from the same flower though. A rare case is when twins are born from the same flower. No one knows how this happens but some say when the human has a pure heart when they receive their first kiss twins are born. When a sibling is born for the Kapua it is as if the older sibling is drawn to them.

Normally a Kapua’s hair is based off the color(s) of the flower that they were born from. Their eye color is the range of the rainbow. They can be any color at all. Their wing and tail color(s) are based off the color(s) of the flower they were born from. They also have the scent of the flower that they are born from and that is how they attract their mate.

Normal Kapua look like a tiny human other than the fact that they have wings and a tail. But every now and again you’ll get a rare Kapua that will be born. Rare traits in the Kapua are pointy ears and the flower that they were born from in one of their eyes replacing their pupil or in both eyes. Their magic is usually a little stronger and a little wilder in trying to control it. They have a bit of a harder time concentrating on things and have to be told to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time.

Kapua age quickly. They can go from being a small child to full adult size in about a year. When they are adults they look to be between the ages of 20-25 years old then they look like they stop aging from there. Once they become an adult a Kapua is given the option of if they would like to leave their tiny village and go to find their human. Some do decide to go on this adventure to see if their human will be able to see them and some just decide to stay in the village and help maintain the village.

Those who do decide to go out in search for their humans usually have a 95% success rate in finding them. It’s almost like the Kapua has a little homing device in them to find the person they were born from. Only 50% of the time though does the human actually notice them. Most Kapua take this journey to silently thank their human for giving them life then they go back to the village. For those human’s that can actually see their Kapua sometimes the Kapua will stay with them for the rest of the human’s life. Others stop in from time to time to see how the human is doing. Most Kapua don’t tell the human that they can grant human wishes because they want to human to be able to learn from their own mistakes and not count on magic to solve their problems. When a Kapua tells a human they can use their magic on them it means that the Kapua trusts the human and that they will make wise decisions.

When a Kapua wishes they can take human form. Though they can only do this for a short while till they get older. This usually makes it easier for them to meet their human or protect them. In human from the Kapua’s elemental magic is much weaker and if they use their magic while in this form it cuts the amount of time that they are in the human form in half. The average amount of time a Kapua can stay in their human form when they are just starting to use that magic is about an hour. But then they cannot go back into human form for three hours afterward. The more they practice the longer they can sustain that form, but also the longer they have to rest before they can go back into that form. The longest any Kapua has stayed in human for that is known to the Kapua is about 12 hours.

Each Kapua has a specific element that they excel the most in. The basic elements are fire, earth, water, and wind. From time to time there will be a healing element that shows up. Each Kapua can learn all the five elements, but will only be able to master one completely.

A Kapua easily outlives it’s human and when it’s human dies some Kapua that have a very strong connection with their human dies with them. If they don’t have that strong of a connection with the human they go back to their village and live out their lives with other Kapua and take care of the young Kapua. When it is time for the Kapua to pass on their body turns into hundreds of little lights that sweep through the village and go to all the Kapua and their human if they die before the human and shares with them all the happy memories that they had in their lifetime along with whatever final message they have for them.

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