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Semi chibi reference sheet

I'm going to open a slot for this beca...

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I'm sorry about the not posting anything. I've just been in a really depressed mood and I can only motivate myself enough to work on A Little Secret but even that is slow going. I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I try to be positive around others and it normally works, but I still feel down on the inside. I feel like me giving my 2 cents is something that people don't like, even though I look at things from many different angles before I speak up with my two cents. I just don't know. It may be something with I don't know if someone doesn't like me or what's going on and that's what's eating me up or if it's just the cold and the weather, plus the fact that it feels like the world is against me from slamming my body with everything at once and then I have to suffer through work like everything's fine even though I want to pass out.

I don't know, it's just been a very. very rough year for me so far. I"m sorry for the post. Thank you for reading if you read it.

If you had to pick

If you had to pick a song that goes with my book A Little Secret, what would it be?

I'm curious to know. I'm slowing finding songs that fit my characters and so far I have three figured out. But, I'm asking as a whole what do you think fits the story so far? If you want to know the songs I've picked for three of my characters just let me know.

Request Progress

This is where I'll be keeping track of the requests and it's also for you all to be able to see where I am on them! If you haven't voted for this world's revamp ...

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Clean out of worlds Last call.

So I think that I'm going to get rid of the worlds that aren't active. (not including Save Hyrule, Amoura, or HU Story) Just so I don't have so much clutter and inactive worlds.

So if you have an OC that you want to snag the information from before I delete the world click on whichever one you're on. I'll be saving some of the profiles myself as well. So if you can't save your character at the moment but do want the profile just let me know and I'll PM the profile to you.

Veryn (The information that I've done for this world will be shifting to my OC Archives because I am making a story based on what was going to be the world. I will probably bring it back. I just want to figure everything out first and have a solid base for this world before I try again with others.)

-Ninja World- (I was really hoping that this world was going to make it a lot further than it did when I revamped it. Maybe next time.)

Hidden University (This one died out kinda quick and I'm super sad about that. It was so much fun)

ILast call for getting what you want off the worlds I'll be deleting them tonight or tomorrow.