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Challenge over and Winners!

Even though there were only four people who entered the challenge and there were five entries I still had a hard time choosing the winners. I know that's mostly my fault because I only had it up for a month. oTL 1st PLACE: Ametsu the Ninja...

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there are 11 days left till my Where are they now challenge is over!

Save Hyrule is up and running!

Just to let those who have been busy know and are in Save Hyrule! We have officially started the RP!!

Banner Update

Finished the banner and it is now up! Just so you don't have to go back to the main part of the world to look for it here's what it looks like. ...

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Made a Redbubble account

I made a red bubble account. I do plan to make more fanart to have up there. But if you would like to check out what I have now/ just check out the site in general go for it!. Redbubble