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Hello. :)
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Wow. Ok. XD This was fun! Albeit different from my usual style of walling. It was kind of difficult actually. >> But I think I like how it turned out. I think. XD; I'm amazed no one else has entered this challenge! My goodness, people, step to it! Though there is more than a month left...but yeah. Haha. Anyhoo...full-view please! :)

SHINNNNNEEEEEEEE. SHINee. <3 Too cute for words. XD I used this scan. I was blown away (and feeling stupid) that MT had kpop scans, too! Haha! This is just so wonderful. Before I was always using Google and ending up with somewhat crappy quality things. XD So yeah, I used that. Very plain. White bg. And yes, I basically kept with the white bg...because my attempts at extracting them went horrible! So what did I do? I totally went crazy with textures and brushes. XD No gradients either. I'll see if I can find all the textures I used for this lol. But yeah...basically all I did...I did fix the scan's quality some, but then it doesn't really matter since they're so sparkly (shiny? ;D) now anyway lol. The words are all lyrics from one of my definite faves by them, Hello. It's just such a freaking adorable song! And gah, Key. <333333

I got the hangul (Korean characters) of the lyrics here. I hope they're accurate...cause I have no idea. >>' And then I also have the hangul of their names next to them...those were just found on Wiki. From left to right (if you're not familiar with the group) it's Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, and Key.

The textures I used:

Dedicated to the creator of the challenge. :) Enjoy~ Oh, and sorry, I didn't make a widescreen version. This took long enough lol. [/longdescription]

P.S. HERE is a no-lyrics version, just in case anyone thinks having the lyrics overlay looks too busy. :)

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