Angel Zakuro (Wallpaper Portfolio) Dark times.

Dark times.
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OH MY BEJEEZUS UGH. Now I know why I've stopped making wallpapers as often as I used to. Why? They tire me out...and they're frustrating. DX Especially when the scan's quality SUCKS. Like this one did. Anyhoo, this is for the Vintage challenge. I know...mine looks just like a mess of textures, and essentially it is! ^^;;; But I had to do something. No matter how many times I duplicated the layer, messed with the blending, piled on gradients...nothing was going to help lol! So I used my vintage textures that I stockpiled over the years. XD And this is how it ended up! Really really dark, grungy, full of textures and...yeah. >>'

But it's Vintage. That's for sure. I wanted to use Godchild because that manga is definitely from the "vintage" time period. :) Unfortunately, the scans aren't of the best quality. Most of them are b/w manga scans (that I even uploaded lol) yeah. ^^;;; Ugh. Not so happy with this one lol. But oh well. I wanted to enter this's just a shame my entry didn't come out how I'd like it to.

Oh, and about his face...I wanted to make sure it stood out and wasn't covered in texture. ^^; It was just plain white and looked a bit odd so I colored in my own brown/orange shading around his mouth and hair so it looked a bit, uh, better? XD

Dedicated to Sakura cause it's HER CHALLENGE.
I'm sorry it's so full of fail! D:

EDIT: Crap, I just noticed some parts are missing the texture and it just looks...bad...I'll edit that later. Ignore for now!
Edit 2: Ok, done.

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