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The Power of Bubbles
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I finally got this done. Was probably the most time I spent on a wallpaper, yet I am not entirely satisfied by it. -_____-

Anyways this is for the Challenge Word Art

The words I used for inspiration were:

-----> 3+ hours

-----> 100+ Layers

-----> 2 textures

-----> a lot of erasing

I made this wallpaper on a whim. I though, well, what do I have to lose? I really wanted to have a Studio Ghibli theme because those movies remind me of childhood, especially Kiki, Totoro, and Laputa. I also really wanted to use that render I found too. Because bubbles are magical and you also use them as a child. So I decided to put the Studio Ghibli images into the bubbles. I found every image for the bubbles on google. It was such a pain getting them into the bubbles. Blahh. I also made the background, that is why it is not good. I added effects to everything. I added some textures. I really wanted to do something else, but my mind is all fuzzled now. So I stopped.. And this was the end result...blah. -____- I'm tired now. I stayed up doing this late last night. I hope I got the themes across


Textures: TheDrake92 & krakograff@deviantart

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