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What Sparda Male Are You?

Dante it is

Which Furuba Character Are You?

Shigure I love Shigure

What Girl From Furuba Are You?

I'm so not

What Type of Anime Girl Are You?

This is a bit off

What Inuyasha Couple Are You?

No Comment

What Female FMA Character Are You?

Yeah ok maybe

What Division Are You In?

I don't know about this one

What Naruto Girl Are You?

Again Sakura

What�s Your Bleach Fun-ness Level?

Mr. Hat and Clogs oh yes

What Hellsing Character Are You?


What Gintama Character Are You?


That is crazy

What Kind Of Villain Are You?

What can I say

What Chrono Crusade Character Are You?


What Shinigami Are You?

I always wished that there was more of the shinigami world in the story of Deathnote. It was so very interesting.

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