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    What color would describe your relationship?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)

    You see the one you love about to be killed, what do you do?

    Risk my life to save them.
    Leave them to die. I was just pretending to love them anyways.
    I would do anything to save the one I love!
    I'm too weak to save them....T_T

    Someone is trying to steal the person you love from you, what do you do?

    Tell them to back off.
    KILL THEM!!!
    I wouldn't care...
    Beat them up.
    I would be confused....

    How did you two first meet?

    I always watched over them when they killed demons.
    I released them from a 50-year-old seal.
    When all of my family and comrades got killed, and then I met him and his friends.
    I've known the one I love since I was a kid
    I first kidnapped them so I can use them for a trap against an enemy, but then realized how great they reall were.

    What do you and your lover think of Naraku?

    We both wanna kill him so we can get the sacred jewel before him.
    He tricked us 50 years ago and we want revenge.
    He killed all of our comrades and we want to avenge them all by killing him.
    We want to kill him because he gave one of us a curse, and killed the others family and friends.

    What would you do if your lover said they didn't love you anymore?

    I would be heart broken.
    I would be confused....
    I would find someone else. There's other fish in the sea. ;D
    I would do all I can to make them fall in love with me again.
    ....I'm not sure.

    Describe how your relationship is like.

    We both fell in love in the past and we want to try having the same relationship as before.
    Right now we haven't told each other how we feel, but it is obvious we have feelings for each other.
    We're not in a relationship right now, but we made a promise when we were kids and I want to make it come true.
    We're both kinda secretive about our feelings, but would do anything to make sure we're both alive and safe.
    I'm still trying to force the one I have feelings for to fall in love with me. =[

    What are your plans for the future?

    We hope to have accomplished what we wanted to do and start over in our relationship.
    We wanna make sure Naraku is dead and that we collected all of the sacred jewel shards.
    We want to make sure Naraku is dead and everything is back to normal so we can move on with our lives.
    We hope to have the same feelings for one another as we did a long time ago
    I hope to have made the person I love ditch the other guy so she can be with me....T.T

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