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    What prompted you to become a villain?

    I need to be recognized as the evil genius I am. What better way than by taking over the world?
    I want to take revenge on those who have done me wrong! I will destroy them ALL!
    My longing for ultimate power over humanity and the need for incredible riches.
    I�m just trying to have some fun�
    I�m better than you. That sounds like a decent reason.

    Just how bad are you?

    Oh; I�m bad.
    I�m not bad. I just have a tendency to get into trouble, is all�
    I�m not bad! STOP LABELING ME!
    That depends on ones opinion of the word �bad.�
    Pure� Evil�

    As a villain; how do you dress on-the-job?

    I�m always in a suit and tie. Well, I have to look good�
    Usually some kind of leather.
    What I wear is red. But it didn�t use to be that color�
    I generally wear a straightforward lab coat. Nothing fancy.
    Pfft. Now I need a special outfit?
    I have a supper-spiffy latex outfit made especially for me.^^

    Considering the kind of work you do; it�s important to start your day off right. What do you do for breakfast?

    A microwaveable bowl of noodles and a cup of black coffee leftover from yesterday.
    Anything that will give me the energy I need for today�s evil activities.
    I�ll have something specially prepared for me by my personal cook. Let�s just hope he doesn�t fail me like the last one�
    I�ll enjoy a fancy assortment of food including Belgium waffles, a mushroom omelet and a spinach quiche. All homemade, of course. Because I can.
    I prepare the last of the cereal in which I accidentally pour soymilk instead of regular milk. Then dump the cereal out, swear, and decide to grab a burger on the way to work.
    I eat whatever I pull out of the fridge first; assuming it isn�t the severed arm I�ve been storing in there�

    Every villain has a secret lair of some sort. Where�s yours?

    I�ve got a hideout I share with a few of my buds. Nothin� special.
    You don�t need a secret lair when you get into MY kind of villainy.
    It�s at home; okay?! Why don�t you just leave me alone?!
    My basement. That�s where my chainsaw is�
    A neat and tidy science centre. Very inconspicuous to passerby�s. Little do they know�
    Carved into the face of a massive volcano on an undiscovered island off the coast.

    Life as a villain isn�t safe; I�m sure. On your way to your secret lair, a bullet whizzes past your head! An attempted assassination! What are you going to do?

    Without stopping; determine the trajectory of the bullet, and shoot back. Unlike them� I don�t miss.
    Have my driver stop the car and dial a �friend� to take care of the problem for me.
    Whirl my motorcycle around, rev the engine; and head full-throttle for the bushes from which the bullet came. They�re DEAD!
    Calmly stop the car and eliminate the fool that thought they could rid the world of me.
    Pull the car over and chuckle to myself as I select a weapon from the wide variety I keep in my trunk.
    Scream �WHY ME?!� as I reach for the meat cleaver I keep under the seat.

    Do you have anyone to do your evil bidding for you?

    No� People don�t trust me. It�s probably wise of them.
    I�ve just got some close friends. Not exactly minions, but they�ll help me out every once in a while.
    I work alone. I CHOOSE to work alone. Lackeys and minions just get in the way.
    I have it all. Inventors, scientists, doctors, ninjas� You name it.
    Oh yes; I have a massive robot army, as well as a large group of scientific followers; all of which will do exactly what I ask of them.

    Walking down the street; some jerk purposefully bumps into you, solely for kicks. How are you going to react?

    Whirl around; look them straight in the eye, and slowly back away whispering, �you�re going to regret this��
    Glare at them and snort, but keep walking. They aren�t worth my time.
    Pull out my laser-beam and destroy all evidence of their existence.
    Whistle for my lackeys who immediately grab the annoying fool. Then smile, and tell them to do away with him.
    Smile, and politely apologize for having to destroy them now.
    Give a crazy grin and pull the hacksaw out from behind my back.

    How might you greet your archenemy?

    Immediately throw some minions at him; hoping they�ll be able to capture the fool.
    Painfully spit his name out as I give an evil glare.
    Immediately attack on sight with the closest pointy object available.
    Silently stare; my face turning red with anger. The longer I look at him, the more disgusted I am�
    Give a polite grin, and offer to buy him a drink. I just love the look on his face�
    Smile, and tell him that I�ve been expecting him; whether or not it�s true.

    Can you describe your villainy?

    I�m as intelligent as they come� And as evil, too.
    You won�t understand� No one understands!
    Okay, so I cause a bit of trouble here and there. Does that really make me EVIL?
    I am the pure representation of evil professionalism.
    I do it because it�s fun�
    I�m the baddest of the bad, and I�m out to take over the world. BWAHAHAHA!

    After a thrilling battle with your archenemy, you capture him and drag him to your secret lair. Once there, what are you going to do?

    Politely explain to him why he�ll never be able to defeat me; then prepare for his swift execution.
    Leave him there for a little while. Let him learn his lesson. I�ll let him go when I�m good and ready. I�m not really the killing type.
    Tell him my diabolical plans for world domination; then dangle him over a pit of deadly snakes, and have my minions lower him to his horrid and painful fate.
    Select a nasty looking tool from the wall and wave it in front of his face; laughing madly.
    Explain the horrors of my life; while screaming �you�ll never understand!� and threatening him with something sharp.
    Use him for one of my twisted human experiments.

    Let�s hear that laugh!

    *Insane cackle*
    Tee hee�

    All right; it�s the end of the quiz! Any last words?

    That�s my line.^^
    Well, well. It�s been great fun now, hasn�t it? Great fun.
    Prepare to die, you insolent fool.
    This was stupid. You�re stupid.
    I will destroy all of you!
    *Maniacal laugh*

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