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Gifts superstarpanou: Happy Birthday, fire breathing Molly! xD RayMan87: Happy Birthday You! Miss Anonymous: Happy Birthday pie for thee! Moka: I ABKED YOU A COOKIE..but I eated some.. Moka: i painted you a picture~ superstarpanou: I thought u had already subbed me LOL~! Kami-chan.x3: WELCOME TO HEAVEN... again. :] Kami-chan.x3: Happy Valentines moletta!~ *HUGS* superstarpanou: Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear! <3 Miss Anonymous: Birthday pie for your birthday! Derp :V : have an awesome birthday Molly~! :D Ace: ROSE'D Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY MOLLY!!! <3 superstarpanou: Happy Birthday, dear! Enjoy today! <3333 Petie: Happy birthday! ^_^ NightBeck: Happy birthday my love! <3 mia sweet: happy birthday KyanChan: Happy Birthday Molly!!! AnimeArchAngel: Happy birthday Molly! Have a great day! LinaMiyazaki: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! XD XD Shishou: A heart for the sweetheart. Happy b-day : Happy Birthday!! : Happppy biiirrthdaaay! Immortal Queen: happy birthday wifey!!!! alexea arescia: May you have a joyful birthday Molly!^^ : Happy Holidays~! :D Immortal Queen: Merry Christmas dear wifey : Happy Halloween : Feel better!! Shishou: Methinks you would not refuse a weapon. Kami-chan.x3: It was fun in the chat!! :D Shishou: Molly is the source of all love. : congratulations 4  promoted!! X) Miracle Star19: HAPPEH EASTER DAY MOLLY!!! :D : Happy Easter~ Immortal Queen: Happy Easter!!!!! morbo86: Happy Valentines day!! :D Miracle Star19: HAPPEH V-DAY!!! :3 : Happy Valentine's Day! =P Miss Anonymous: Birthday pie for you~ Happy b-day! Ace: Birthday pie FTW Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY MOLLY!!! :DDD Knowmad: Happy Birthday Mojo! Much love! :D : happy bday!! =) Zennyxchan: Molly!! happy birthday! Immortal Queen: Happy birthday Bob! Mikey: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D  Love Ya Girl! <3 : Happy birthday, Molly! James: Happy birthday! AnimeArchAngel: Happy birthday Molly! :3 morbo86: Happy Birthday Molly! :D Mikey: Merry Christmas Molly!!! <3 : Happy Holidays~ : Merry Christmas from Linku-claus molly! Blood Mistress : Merry Christmas :D Immortal Queen: Have a very merry Christmas : You have been Brick'd by Linku-kun X3 Kokorojun: Here you go : Happy Halloween, yo! Zennyxchan: Happy Halloween!!! Immortal Queen: Happy Hallows eve nighttengo: for u Allamorph: Can you dig it? Japan: happy valentines! ^_~ TimeChaser: Hope you have a happy birthday. :3
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