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Gifts DemonsandAngels: Happy birthday! Hope it's wonderful!! matsujun4me: Happy Late B-day and Happy Holidays! ^^ Hisaishi: Subscriber gift for the new year! hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � AriaFlosh: Happy birthday ��(@°�°@)� Amestar: Happy Birthday Inu!! Karisan: Wish U a very Happy Birthday Inu!!!^^ Artgrrl: Happy Valentine's Day! kamichama karin s: happy Valentine's day, love! Karisan: Wish you a brighter 2013 inuchan!!^^ Karisan: Sending U a warm xmas hug inuchan! LunaInverse: Happy Holidays!! <3 greenLeAfe: happy bday~! X MAGE X: Happy Birthday!!! ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! kamichama karin s: I give you a pie for you birthday. :D CDCDCD89: Happy Birthday! DemonsandAngels: Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a good on Amestar: Happy Birthday Inuuuu LightFykki: Happy birthday Inu-chan!! ^___^ : Happy Birthday~!!! : Happy Birthday XD ^.^ Karisan: Heartfelt Hug for Ur Birthday Inuchan!^^ Dua Saeed: Thanks for remembering me. ^_^ kamichama karin s: Happy Halloween, love! <3 Karisan: Coz i know how this feels..SO CHEER UP!! kamichama karin s: here's a present for your face! :O love! GIDRA: thnx for subing umchan649: Thanks for the sub!! ^^ Kami-chan.x3: A banana for you. lol. random. XD *hugs* Karisan: Wish a very Happy Easter Inu-chan!!^^ kamichama karin s: Thank you- and to kill underlings *ha* fukachan: blated hapi bday kamichama karin s: A happy holiday to my inu-sama! : Welcome to the One Piece FanClub! kilalalover: Happy Thanksgiving! Black Dahlia: Have a wonderfully artistic day for you! kamichama karin s: I am so sorry i missed your b-day!T^T : Happy Birthday!! Amestar: Happy Birthday Inu :D vdr-07: happy b-day :D X MAGE X: Happy Birthday ^_^ : Happy Birthday! Have fun! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! Sabriela Hellena: HBBD, wishes of the best ^u^ LightFykki: Happy birthday! ^_^ : Happy Birthday :D Karisan: Wish you a wonderful Birthday!!!^___^ hetcheywerewolf: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! <3 :DD ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! C; nin-chaz: happy birthday!!! Oni hime: HAPPY BIRTHDAY : Happeh birthday!! x3 Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday inu!!! Dua Saeed: Happy B'day Dear ! Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* cheriepy: Thankies~ XkeyofdestinyX: I love you too :3 wolfpupable: thanks for subbing dusktilldawn713: ima bit late but thnx 4 subbing :D X MAGE X: Thanks for the sub :D dattebaneyo: To your new world <3 MAY IT BE FLUFFY! Portal GLaDOS : Aperture Science Welcome You! Otaku baby: From your pal behind the keyboard ! 21Emmz12: RANDOM GIFT! =^D ecnelisterger: ^^ Happy Easter~~~ kilalalover: Happy Easter! :D : Happy Easter! ^_^ : Happy Easter! : Happy easter! 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SparklyAlice: Merry Christmas! kilalalover: Merry Christmas! :D LightFykki: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Artgrrl: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 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Blake Jack: thank you for participating^^ kochou otome: Delayed: Thank you for subscribing! : For all your special notes~ firefox360: you get pawky for subbing :D MiseryMiss: Thanks for enrolling in Youkai Academy! TimeWithoutEnd: thank you =) josh5294: love reirei18 : u are a psychic.. though it's a block.. : hmm... sushi'd? itemilicious: thank you * here have some cake* : Have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! ~<3 stinamuffin: love your work! keep it up! :D : Chocolate pocky for you :) superangel20: i know you : A puppy dog for you~ LoveLoveKitten24: Thanks for the subs kikkima: thnks for sub to me!!! ^_^ ecnelisterger: thanks for the subs and everything!!! rinigirl27: thanks : I'm Sleepy  (: kamichama karin s: Thanks for helping me with the eCard!^^ kucingkepanasan: enjoy! ^^ twinklesakura: Happy easter!! :) :) Miracle Star19: HAPPY EASTER!!! =3 : Happy Easter! ^_^ Artgrrl: Happy Easter! :D littlepooch: ^^ I hope this cheers you up some~ LovelyRisa: Here is a fluffy bear for inufluffy! 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XD : And Happy New Year! :) : Cause your fan art is so expressive! ;) : Cause your wallpapers rock! :) LonelyArtist: Happy Holidays! =) Oasaka45656: And thank YOU for being a superb idol~!! kyuubiloverhinata: Merry Christmas! winterlionheart: Merry Christmas Cinnamon Sparrow: MerryXmas2009 and thanks for subbing! Morbid Dollie: Merry Christmas Fluffy!! :D kugen: Happy Holidays! reirei18 : seasons greetings'09..~~ *hugs* artypants1017: Happy Hoildays Miracle Star19: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!:DDD marcinha: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year^_^ itemilicious: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!x3 noirassasin: Have the best Birthday! nosheep13: Happy Birthday~! Mijmo: Happy Bithday! :) ched: happy b-day! (^_^? marcinha: Happy Birthday!!! nin-chaz: happy birthday itemilicious: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!have a cake!:D xlolfishx: Happy birthday! <3 Fishy! rinigirl27: you will be fine Amestar: Thanks for entering my challenge! rinigirl27: Sorry. love your art nosheep13: for getting 100 subscribers! 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