Favorite Old Anime

Know any anime from a while back that you can never get tried of? Is there one that your parnets might have watched that you thought was cool too? It`s time to show theO that just because a show is old, it doesn`t mean it`s lame.

1. The anime can`t be from the year 2000 to now. Shows that are on-going or have been remade are OK.

2. 2 submitions max

3. Incude the name of the anime on the picture or in the description. We wana know the name of it, right?

4. It doesn`t have to be famous or even for our age group.

So basically I`m takling stuff like Eva, Dragonball, Urusei Yatsura and even Doraemon- but that`s just some examples. There are much more great animes from back then!

edit: I saw a buch of people having questions so let`s clear them out.

My anime ran during 1999~200*, will it count?
Yes, you may use that anime. It technoly started in the 90`s and on-going.

My anime ran in the 90`s in japan but on 2000 in the US.
Still safe. I`ll be looking for the japanese date- not the US one.

My anime`s manga was made in the 90`s but the actual show ran on 2000~.
Sorry, but no. I see this as opening the doors to some of the bigger series like "Naruto" and "One Piece." I`m trying to get people to do one that make people say "Oooh yeah, I remember that show!" or "Wow this looks old but interesting!"

My anime was based on a video game.
I have to say no to this one too. There used to be a Dragon Quest anime but then this challenge will just end-up being a game challenge (that means no pokemon, people).

Does it have to be in that anime`s style?
Of couse not! You guys have awesome drawing styles of your own, right? You can go super real to "OMG wow thats chibi" if you wana too.

Have fun and good luck!! (^O^)/

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