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The Tiger
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By our powers combined, Ikemarth and Mangakid summon another artwork !

Another entry for Team Plasma N's Chinese Zodiacs challenge. The Year of the Tiger was chosen for this entry and our chosen pokemon is one of my favourites, Luxray. Again, Mangakid and I decided to combine our talents into one entry. Mangakid beautifully coloured the entry, whereas I drew it.

This time, we have decided to keep the pokemon theme, and have our trainer in their original clothing.

I was inspired to do Volkner (Denji) with Luxray as I was recently watched an episode that featured both of them. At first, I thought it would be a bit cliche’ to have Volkner with Luxray, because many fanarts feature them together. But regardless, I still went with the two. Not to mention Volkner is one of my favourite gym leaders from Sinnoh. >//u//< However, although Luxray resembles more a lion than a tiger, I figured it would be acceptiable enough considering they are both part of the big cat family.

Tigers are competitive, brave, loyal and protective. As seen in the recent Pokemon games, Luxray has the ability of Rivalry which suits Luxray very well which makes them very competitive. Also, like all big cats, Luxrays are also very territory and predatorial but when trained correctly they can become very loyal, faithful and protective. ^^ I believe that Luxray matches Year of the Tiger perfectly.

Once again I would like to say a massive thankyou to Mangakid for taking the time out of her busy lifestyle to colour the drawing ♥ , Team Plasa N for creating such an awesome challenge and all of you on TheO, because if it weren't for all you, this entry wouldn't even have happened.

(If you ask me, Volkner looks alot like Minato(4th Hokage) from Naruto)

Pokemon Fan Art
Denzi, Ikemarth, Luxray, MangaKid, Poke Zodiac, Pokemon, Volkner, Year of the Tiger
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