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Halloween 2011
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Behold~ Kira and Gin in their Halloween costumes. :3

I wasn't going to submit this until Halloween, but because I'll be giving away the costume she'll be wearing in my next submission, I figured "why not?"

OHC Note: This is not an entry for the Bag of Secrets. I will not be entering, but I thought this was fun and I'm loving the different entries I am seeing for the contest :3 If you haven't drawn your OC in costume yet, hurry hurry! You still have time and it's all in good fun, ne? <3

As for this, Kira and Gin are Kitsune. (: *duh Kira. No, seriously there are people who don't know what that is so hush* Gin is naturally a silver fox, while Kira is more traditional, a red fox. I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself...not much to explain...outside of the fact that it took me forever to get it the way I wanted. But it was worth it in the end, because I'm so incredibly proud of it ; u ;!

I used references for both Gin and Kira's poses. The textures on their kimonos are silk textures from DA, and the background was also a cherry blossom and MT Fuji art I happened upon there as well.

Enjoy~ Hugs/Faves/Comments are always appreciated~~

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Be safe and have a wonderful holiday <3

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Cherry blossoms, Fox, Gin Ichimaru, Kimono, Kira, Kitsune, Love, Love <3, OC, Red fox, Silver, Support Kira, Traditional
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