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Code Gijinka: Aberius of the Revolution

IT'S FINALLY HERE! The long awaited anime... Code Gijinka: Abeirus of the Rebellion! <8D

.... Not! XD;; But it can at least look like it =3 Lol X3 This was the special surprise crossover I'd been working on X3 It took longer than expected because there was so much detail! D=

I will say that I cannot take complete credit for drawing everything, as some element are traced X3 I wanted more accuracy and focused moreso on the gimmick X3 lol But I'd say it's about 50/50? I did still do a lot of work and of corse, there are some original elements here =3

So let's go over who's who here, shall we?! =D (Note: Actual spoilers are actual spoilers, so if you haven't seen Code Geass either first or second series, I advise you not read them =>.>;= Also spoliers about Abbie, just a bit X3)

Aberius as Lelouch Lamperouge -- Well yeah, there's some favoritism, isn't there? XD Lol But this was originally gonna just be Aberius as Lelouch, you know? =C But then I thought, why not find a poster and put everyone in?! =D Anywho, there are some similarities between Aberius and Lelouch.
He lost his mother at a very young age, but he didn't find out the truth of his mother's death until later in life. And he wound up being abandoned by his father, too (Although his father didn't abandon him because he didn't love him, but rather there was something important that needed to be done...) And Aberius has a hidden power that could topple pretty much anyone in his way, but he's afraid he'll lose control over it. Plus, doesn't Abbie make a sexy Lelouch? X3

Raine as C.C. -- More favoritism! XD *is bludgeoned* I wasn't originally going to pick Raine as C.C., but I wanted someone ould is very close to Aberius at all times just like C.C. is, and who better than Raine? =3 Also, I wanted someone with green hair XD And I don't really think Kiki qualified =<, (Sorry Kiks! =>.<=) Also, if you've seen all the way through R2, don't you think Raine is similar to what C.C. used to be like? =3 Since C.C. has long hair and it covered up some of the character in the bg, I improvised and used Raine's tail! >=D

Lupe as Kallen Kouzuki -- Well, where do I begin? X3 We have Leader-san as Kallen because for one, they both kick butt X3 Two, Kallen and Suzaku always have to fight each other and who's Suzaku? None other than Lux XD But at the same time they dont't hate hate each other =3 Also, Kallen was the bunny girl in R2! =D See how that works? X3 Plus, she kicked the crap out of Suzaku face to face that one time X3

Hiro as Rolo -- Okay, I admit, looking back, I think Moyasu might've been a better fit for Rolo because of his relationship with Aberius, but I'm always using my beloved Moyakkun in stuff X3 Plus, I wanted to draw at least 2 characters I have not drawn X3 Also, I think Hiro could still fit as the younger brother type character because Aberius would probably scold him X3 (For eating too much, that is X3) Plus, Hiro's rockin that Britannia school uniform, right? >=3

Shupple as Anya -- I would've picked someone with pink hair, but our only pink-haired member left =;_;= But Shupple still fits with Anya's personality somewhat =3 Kinda reserved, the two X3 Although Shupple's not as clueless XD I put her hair up to keep in character, but to help identify, I put little horn thingies on the head band =3

Lux as Suzaku Kururugi -- YEAH! >=D Lol X3 Okay, where to begin for this one? There's a friend/enemy relationship here X3 Also as I explained earlier, ther the whole matter of the Lux/Lupe Suzaku/Kallen relationship =3 Also, Shupple is next to Lux because they're friends and both Suzaku and Anya are knights of the round =D And doesn't Lux make such a dashing knight? =3

Xio as Xing Ke -- W00t~! X3 One of my favorite characters in the series =3 I placed Xio as Xing Ke because they both have the same hair color, both are good at fighting, plus their names both begin with an "X" =D Also, Xing Ke made a promise to a young girl in the past and although she was weak, he tried/vowed to protect her just like Xio with Lydia =3

Gil as Gino -- Because they both begin with "G" XD Lol it's not only that, but there's also a friend/rival relationship between the two =3 Since they had to fight one another near the end of R2 Also, Gino has so many fangirl and so does Gil! XD

Bella as Nunnaly -- For one, I needed someone with long hair XD As well, Bella loves Aberius as much as Nunnaly loves her older brother Lelouch =3 (Sorry to embarrass you, Bells! X3) As well, Bella is a younger sister type =3 And both are gentle =3

OKAY! X3 Also I think the most awesome part of this is not the artwork itself, but the logo! =D See, the original one says "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" as most people know... X3 But since I just recently took Japanese, I can read Hiragana and Katakana (Kanji, not so much X3;;) so I actually made my own with Japanese characters and everything! <8D For laughs, in the English part, I used "Britannic Bold" as the font for Code Gijinka X3 (Like Britannia, get it? XDD *is bludgeoned*) X3 I still think it looks just plain awesome~

Well, that's all XD Sorry for the novel in the comments X3 But I wanted to share some detail here =3 Hope you all like it =D <3 XOXOXOXO

EDIT: Here are link the original refs

Poster: Go here

Logo: Go Here

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