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Masters of the Elements
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'Tis my entry for the Avatar: The Last Airbender contest. The contest said I get bonus points for including the four elements and also doing it traditionally, so why not do both? :D Plus I needed an excuse to draw Aang and also an excuse to dust off my neglected Prismacolors ;-;

The four (or five if you count the fish as two) creatures here are considered the 'original' element benders in the series. For fire, it's the dragon; for air, it's the sky bison; for earth, it's the badger-mole; and for water, it's the moon. But since I wanted to keep the animal theme going, I drew the two koi fish that represent the moon and ocean.

Most annoying part of this picture? Having to scan it in two parts since the paper was bigger than my scanner. ;-; Plus the two parts didn't fit together exactly, so I had to take an extra hour to clean it up enough to look decent.

Anyways, that's all I have. Hope you like it! :D

6.5 hours
11" x 14" Bristol paper/Prismacolor pencils/Staedtler ink pens/Photoshop cs2 for cleaning up and texture adding
Paper texture by bleeding-dragon

Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Art
aang, airbender, avatar, elements, mga
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