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Before you get turned off or intimidated, read my challenge carefully! You might find it interesting.

Wikipedia describes: "The language of flowers, sometimes called, floriography, is a means of cryptological ( a secret way to describe something) communication through the use or arrangement of flowers."

Over time, many cultures have given certain flowers a certain meaning(s). A good example, would be the concept of colors of ornamental roses having certain meanings.

Challenge Objective: Using your character(s) and a selected flower(s) and combine both to convey the meaning of the chosen flower(s) and how it suits your artwork!
Being abstract, poetic, or literal is up to you! Adding a brief story is optional.

What I want you to think about:

Think about your characters! You may feel like you need more than one depending on what flowers you stumble upon. Think about:

  • How a character feels about themselves/ someone they know (be it love, hate, desire, maybe someone is a "rare and delicate beauty")
  • An attribute they may relate to or want to convey: personality, moral, virtue, an emotion, etc (i.e purity,grace,humility,joy)
  • Something a character/s may want to say to another/viewer/oneself ("I love..." "I must atone for my sins" "Undying love" "Bury me amid nature's beauties")
  • Character interest?

I encourage you to read through the lists! I am inspired by numerous meanings!
Language of Flowers: Meaning
Wikipedia on Hanakotoba
Wikipedia on Plant Symbolism
Look around for your own!


  • All hand-drawn mediums are welcome
  • Two entries per-person.
  • Color is optional, however necessary for certain flowers. Some flowers come in different colors and may vary by meaning.
  • Be Neat. I encourage you to be accurate with depicting a flower (stems and leaves too if needed).
  • Three Characters Maximum
  • Three TYPES OF Flowers Maximum. Too many flowers and it may get confusing!
  • Real world flowers only!
  • Provide your flower(s) and meaning(s).
  • Also mention if known: the culture behind a chosen meaning. Hanakotoba meanings vary from other cultures.

Need help getting ideas?

  • "Art Nouveau"
  • Flower crowns
  • flower fields?
  • Use a flower as a secondary focus and not the primary item?
  • Make a draft!
  • References are your friend.
  • Concept does NOT have to be complicated! Simplicity is your friend.
  • Don't over-complicate concept with meanings that do not relate in someway.
  • If your searches for a particular flower give you different plants, I would suggest a little more research [Latin names]. If you're still not a 100% after some search (and you REALLY want that flower) just settle with what you find. The internet isn't trustworthy.
  • I will admit- some ideas are a little tricky to convey in an image. Don't do anything you know you'll have trouble with.

Any prizes given out will be done upon request;

Don't fret if flowers are outside your comfort zone. Artists are encouraged to jump out of comfort zones!
If flowers don't really interest you, maybe this isn't the challenge for you?

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