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Foxgloves and christmas rose
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I decided to draw something different than what I asked about because Splitting the idea into two didn´t have the Impact or message I wanted it to deliver.

SO here is Jinji. He´s holding a Christmas rose and two foxgloves are sprouting from his Body and heart.

Foxgloves means "I´ve already had some bad experiences" and represents his harsh past due to his mother who made him prostitute himself with the tender Age of five saying he would be worth nothing otherwise (well, her relationship to him was really warped due to mental difficulties). Thanks to that he can´t believe anyone would really accept or love him. The blood streaming down where the foxgloves are sprouting from symbolize the ongoing suffering made even worse by their poison. The yellow one represents his jealousy for all those who lived a rather loved life with their families since he longs for something like that, too.

Christmas rose
means "Take away my fears" and is his silent cry for help adressed at his brother who he has a rather unhealthy fixation on (but that was the only thing that saved him from going crazy) which has - unknowingly to him - turned into real love. But because he´s afraid of the answer and another rejection he cries and closes his eyes.

Well, that´s about it. Hope you enjoy~

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