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sorrowful blossom
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This is my entry for the 'a language of flowers' challenge. I hope it fits the rules. I know the flower is not the main subject of my drawing, but I wanted to portray the meaning of the flower more, and I needed to focus on Vaek to do that. Also, I apologise for the awful photo quality.

Poor Vaek, what have I done to you?

He goes through some very trying times in his life. I usually tend to draw him in his mid twenties, but here he is about fifteen. I haven't written that part of his story yet, but I've planned things out in note form. I can't go into detail because of spoilers! But I chose this flower because I felt it fit his backstory. The plant can be toxic, but it could also have medical use, for example as a seditive. Vaek studied the usage of herbs as poisons and for basic healing use.

Patience: He spends a lot of time honing his skills and living alone.
Humility: He really isn't the type to draw any attention to himself.
Sad memories: He loses something dear to him.

Adonis Flower
-'Patience, Humility, Sad memories'

Meanings taken from [here]

Adonis vernalis, known variously as pheasant's eye, spring pheasant's eye, yellow pheasant's eye and false hellebore, is a perennial flowering plant in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae It is found in dry meadows and steppes in Eurasia. Isolated populations are found from Spain in the west across Central Europe with fine examples in Valais, Switzerland, and southern Europe, reaching southern Sweden in the north and Abruzzo in the south, with its main area of distribution being the Pannonian Basin and the West Siberian Plain. In contrast to most other European Adonis species, the flowers appear in springtime, and are up to 80 mm in diameter, with up to 20 bright yellow petals. The plant is poisonous, containing cardiostimulant compounds, such as adonidin and aconitic acid. In addition, it is often used as an ornamental plant.

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adonis, cry, flower, OC, sad, Vaek, watercolor, watercolour, wolf
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A Language of Flowers
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